San Juan Islands - June 2005
Our BIG plan for the summer was to leave the dock May 1st and spend the entire summer in the
islands returning Sept. 1st.  Unfortunately Scott used up too much of his vacation getting our boat
project completed, so we decided to take 10 days in June and the entire month of August.  It’s
working out just as good.  
June 2, 2005                                                       Port Ludlow
I spent all day today getting the last of the groceries, running
any errands that needed doing, and getting Zak through his last
day of preschool.  Scott was working until around 3p.m. and I
had the boat ready to go when he got home around 3:45 pm.  We
were out of the dock by 4pm on our way to Port Ludlow for the
night.  It was a great (motor) sail all the way up and we got into
the Harbor around 7pm.  We had a late dinner and while we
were getting the kids ready for bed, we had a knock on the
boat.  A fellow Lats and Atts board member, Seanshine,
recognized our boat and came to say “hi”.  We invited him
Picture taken by Seanshine in
Port Ludlow
June 3, 2005                                                         Port Hadlock
Today we got up and headed out to Port Towsend.  It was going to
be a short day because we wanted to visit Michael from Lats and
Atts.  We pulled in to Port Townsend and the 1st thing Ellie (2 ½ yrs.
old)  saw was what looked like a castle on the hill.  She was so
excited!  She wanted to go put on her princess dress so she could go
to the castle.  It was so cute.  We talked her out of putting the dress
on and headed into the marina to find Michael.  We caught him at
lunch, but we got to see his boat and have a nice visit.  He is getting
ready to set sail to warmer places towards the end of the summer.  
It’s so much fun to talk to others who are getting ready to go
cruising.  After our visit with Michael, we headed back to Ghost and
decided we were going to find a buoy at Old Fort Townsend State
Park.  We tied up to the buoy and found it was much too “rollie
pollie”.  We ended up motoring over to Port Hadlock, which was
much more protected.   After anchoring, we all climbed in the
dinghy to see if we could catch some fish.  We didn’t have much
luck, but it was fun to get out and try.  We did catch a couple
flounders and what we thought was a Pacific Lamprey.

This morning we left Port Ludlow with a little bit of the ebb tide
still to go.  We sailed the whole way to Port Townsend.  Yahoo!
Zak & Ellie while underway
Ellie with her castle in the
Last night we were relaxing with some wine and heard a “hale” from Seanshine.  He had stopped by
to give us a “hello”, a L&A burgee, and some music.  Then today we visited Michael who’s boat is in
the yard here in Port Townsend.  It was good to see him.  He bought us all hot cocoa while we visited.

We then headed from P.T. to the state park west of P.T.  It was too rollie, so we motored down to Port
Hadlock and again dropped the hook.  We are really getting the hang of it.

Tomorrow is the crossing.

The kids are having a blast fishing and eating!

In Port Hadlock we started to get into the lifestyle of cruising – a quiet sunset, some wine, a good
book.  We even have caught some fish.  Angela picked out her own fishing pole and even a LURE.  It’s
a life size herring and it weighs as much as the fish we will catch with the lures I bought!  She is
excited to try it out, though.  Should be fun.

I am anxious about tomorrow.  We will be crossing the big water!  I hope there is wind and sun.  Sail
and solar power, that’s what it is to me!

June 4, 2005                                                                                                                Reid Harbor

Scott brought the kids into bed with me really early this morning.  He decided he wanted to get an
early start and knew they would wake up with the anchor chain right above their heads.  He told me
he had everything under control and told me to go back to bed.  I’m not one to argue, especially since
I learned that was around 4:30 a.m.   The kids and I slept great.  I got up around 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. and
the kids slept until around 9:00 a.m., I think.  Wish they would do that every day.  It was a long, pretty
boring day.  The kids were driving me crazy, just because they were a little bored.  I’m always amazed
how well they do down below while underway.  They play like they always do.  I guess it’s home and
they are used to it.  We got into Reid Harbor around 3:30pm or 4p.m., and I was glad to be here.  We
took the kids ashore and let them run a little before heading back to the boat for dinner and bed.  
Reid Harbor is so beautiful.  We love seeing the bald eagles and ospreys.  They seemed to always be
fighting over something.  We decided to stay 2 nights in Reid Harbor, so it’s nice to be able to relax a

I was awake at 4:30 ish.  I climbed out of my warm bunk and found light winds out of the south.  So
being the crazy fool that I am, I decided to sail away from the hook.  I cranked the hook up and raised
the head sail for the day.
I think I got a bit too close to the munitions dock, because a pick-up with MP’s in it kept a close watch
on me as I passed.
We passed Point Wilson at 6:15 a.m. and saw over 11 knts on the GPS.  I had all sails up and was doing
about 4 with a light west wind.
The crossing was long because I wanted to sail as much as possible.  I think we did, too.  There wasn’t
any uncomfortable times.
Instead of going to Roche Harbor, we rode a very nice wind into Reid Harbor on Stuart Island.  It was
so relaxing to finally get here and tie up to a buoy.  The sun was out I was gaining some amps from
the sun (solar panels).
We had a show of Bald Eagle and Osprey fighting.  We went for a little hike and then settled in for the
night.  Looking forward to a nice breakfast and a pot of coffee.  
June 5, 2005                                          Reid Harbor
We woke up this morning and had a wonderful pancake
breakfast with sausage.  Scott loves making big breakfasts
and they are always so yummy.  We decided to pack up some
snacks and our fishing gear a headed out of Reid Harbor to
the south side of Stuart Island.  I got a big bite and when it
reached the surface it was a big rockfish on the line and a 26"
lingcod was latched on to the rockfish.  It was amazing.  I had
never seen anything like that.  Luckily we had our net and
we were able to get both of them.
Ang's big Catch
Rockfish that Ang caught - check
out the teeth marks
Lingcod that caught rockfish - I
wouldn't want to meet up with him
After fishing we headed back to the boat and settled down for
some lunch, naps and relaxing.  When we woke up, we decided
to take a walk over on Stuart Island. We weren't sure if the kids
would be able to make it, but we decided to walk to the little
school house on the island.  They have a treasure chest full of
t-shirts, post cards, hats, and a few other items.  There is an
envelope to send payment when you get home.  It's a great little
place and we found some great "Pirates of the San Juans" t-shirts
that glow in the dark.  The kids love them (Scott and I do, too).  
The kids played on the swings while I looked at the t-shirts and
then we headed back to Ghost to cook up that fish!  And
Yummm, it was good!

So relaxing.  Great night's sleep.

Let's go fishing!  We loaded up the dinghy with all the stuff
needed to keep two kids happy whilst Mommy and Daddy
fished.  We went out to the entrance to Reid Harbor.  Mommy
caught a 12" rockfish, and while she was bringing it to the
surface, a 26" lingcod took a hold of that 12" rockfish.  So
Mommy had two fish for the price of one.  It was the strangest
thing.  I thought it was a shark, but it was a lingcod.  We filleted
him up.  Should be good eating tonight.
Hiking on Stuart Island
Treasure Chest on Stuart Island
June 6, 2005                                Eagle Harbor
Today we got up and headed out to Eagle Harbor on Cypress
Island.  Bob & Shari and the girls are coming into Anacortes
tomorrow morning and we want to be a little closer, so we can get
some things done before they get here.  The weather was pretty
nice and scenery was beautiful on our way over.  We went
through obstruction pass for the first time and it was gorgeous.  
Once anchored in Eagle Harbor, we went ashore and let the kids
beach comb and then took the dinghy out to do a little more
fishing.  We caught a few fish, but none of them were big enough
to keep.  I think we are all excited to see Bob & Shari tomorrow.

We left Reid Harbor early, say around 8am.  The current in New
Channel was nasty as always.  We made slow progress.  By Green
Point on Speiden Island, we had wind to sail.  We sailed to Wasp
Passage then motored al the way through Obstruction Passage to
Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island.  We are on the hook.

We have the boat cleaned up some and even caught a few fish.  
Ang loves that part!

Many phone calls today to catch up with a couple of days of no
phone service.  Ang got a sun shower today.  Tomorrow everyone
gets clean!  Bob & Shari show up tomorrow.  Yeah!

It is so quiet.  I can hear the wavelets gently lopping on the rocky
shore.  A storm puffed a bit of wind a while ago, and it blew one
our charts of the boat.  We also lost a secondary boat hook today
while we were docking at the potty pump-out dock at Reid

We have decided that we really need a little anchor for the dinghy
and a fillet knife.  This fishing thing has gotten us "big time".

June 7, 2005                                                                Shallow Bay
We woke up this morning and headed out to Anacortes.  It wasn't
a very good night for sleeping.  We were both a little nervous
about the anchoring and Ellie didn't sleep very good.  We got to
Anacortes and Scott headed out to start laundry and I started
cleaning up for our guests.  We all got showers and Bob & Shari
showed up around noon.  Scott & Bob headed out to get some last
minute groceries, and then we headed out.  The weather was a
Zak & Ellie Beach combing
Looking from Beach at Eagle HBR
Taking dinghy out to fish
Ang caught a little rockfish
Before dinner, we decided to take a walk up to the school house.
 It's the perfect distance for the kids and when they get there,
they can swing and play a little.  They had so much fun together
and again loved to explore.  Zak has become the expert on
spotting out stinging nettles.  He made sure everyone knew
what they were.  We came back and had some great teriyaki
chicken for dinner.  After the kids went to bed we all stayed up
and visited.  It was a great night and it's always so much fun
talking about our dreams with Bob & Shari.
Hiking on Stuart Island
Swinging at Stuart Island
School House
Ellie & Annie hiking on
Stuart Island

Ahhh, a new day.  We knew that we had to get off the boat, so, in the rain, we all went ashore to
explore.  It was so much fun for the kids!

I was at the helm as we left the buoy and headed for Stuart Island.  Two things happened on this 3
hour sail that was bad.  First - while I was raising the mizzen, I failed to notice that a reefing tie down
was caught on a reefing tie down cleat.  "Rippp"  I tore a big hole in the already weakened sail.  A 12"
rip, I am bummed.  I decided to secure the sail in a reefed position.  Second - I knew there was a reef
someplace between Sucia and Patos Islands.  I wasn't sure where, though - as I was looking for the
chart to find it's location, I found the reef.  The depth sounder went to 17' before I turned away
breathing heavily.  Whew!  It was a wet sail, but fun.

We decided to tie up to a dock in Reid Harbor.  What a cool thing.  The kids can play and run
themselves ragged.  We hiked up to the school house and back.

During the night while Bob & I were sipping some rum, we could hear some owls.  It was very, very
cool!  It was so quiet.  But at midnight, we heard a blood curdling sound.  We looked at each other
because we didn't know what it was.  About 10 min later we realized it was a Hoot owl!  He was so
loud and so identifiable.  He was just announcing his arrival to the harbor.  Good nights sleep.
July 9, 2005                                                   Reid Harbor
Another good night of sleep.  We all got up and had French
Toast and sausage for breakfast.  It was yummy.  We then
packed some lunches and headed out to the lighthouse.  We
took our double stroller, knowing the kids wouldn't be able to
make it the whole way.  It was nice having it to carry lunch, as
well.  Right when we were getting close to the lighthouse some
people passing us told us we had missed the whales by half an
hour.  Bummer!  The kids would have loved to see some orcas.  
We could see the group of whale watching boats in the distance,
but no sign of the whales.  When we walked up to the
lighthouse there were some deer grazing in the grass.  They
didn't seem very scared of us.  We had a great lunch on the steps
of the lighthouse and the kids enjoyed finding caterpillars and
exploring.  Whenever I go to the lighthouse, I try to imagine
what it must have been like to live in a place like that.  I would
love to see inside.  On our way back to the boat, we stopped and
took a family picture at the same place Scott & I had a picture
taken 5 years ago, when we were cruising with Bob & Shari for
the first time in the San Juans.  We headed back to the boat and
had a great steak dinner.  It is an early night tonight.  Just going
to read and go to bed.


So hard to get out of bed.  I think it might have been the
Captain Morgan's.  I took the tubes off the dinghy to fix a leak.  
Also made some fishing lures for the kids.  I used some colored
tiny zip ties and a rubber washer.  Cheaper and softer on the
head with all the practice casting.

We packed up everything and headed to the lighthouse.  2.4
miles.  It was such a great day.  

Now the sun is out and the kids are quieting down.  Hopefully
we can hear the owls again tonight.
Hiking to Turn Point Lighthouse
Having Lunch at Turn Point
History of Turn Point Lighthouse
Picture of Brosius Family Jun 2005
Scott & Ang Jun 2000
June 10, 2005                                                                Jones Island
We got up this morning and headed out to Roche Harbor.  Scott
made his 5 layer malto meal on the way.  It was nice to get to
Roche Harbor and get some showers.  Zak & Ellie loved seeing the
young girls who were using shrimp nets to catch shrimp and fish.  
They probably could have stayed watching them all day.  We
decided to get Zak & Ellie some shrimp nets and they were so
excited.  After getting some groceries and a much needed Mocha
for me, we headed out to Jones Island.  The weather was great and
it didn't take long to get there.  It was nap time for the younger
girls and Scott & I wanted to do some fishing.  We headed out
with Zak & Sydney and started fishing.  Scott and I caught 2
rockfish right at the same time.  Mine was a little bigger and we
decided to keep it.  I caught another one and we decided to go to a
different area.  We saw a bald eagle circling overhead and come
down and snatch something out of the water right by us.  
Suddenly Zak, said "Daddy, where are our fish?".  They were on a
stringer off the back of the boat, but they weren't there.  The eagle
got our fish.  We were so bummed.  It must have come loose when
we were changing spots.  So much for having fish for dinner.  We
fished for a little longer and then headed back to the boat.  I
started fishing from the boat and caught a Cabezon.  Ugly looking
fish.  Ellie was still sleeping so I stayed on the boat and everyone
else headed to shore.  They found a great spot to have a bon fire
that night, so we got some hot dogs, hamburgers, and stuff for
smores and headed ashore.  The kids had a blast and I think we all
did, too.  We ended the night by all the kids jumping in the water
and getting completely wet.  They had so much fun playing in the
water.  What a great night!

Up early with coffee and my famous 5 layer oatmeal!  It looks like
this.  Bowl, brown sugar, butter, oatmeal, cream of wheat, or
malto meal, then french vanilla creamer, and milk = yum!

Bob & Shari took us into Roche Harbor.  We all showered and
played around.  It is always such a rush in Roche.

We headed against the current to Jones Island.  Ang, Zak, Sydney,
and I went fishing.  We caught a few.  We had them on a stringer.  
Later we saw an eagle circling overhead.  We soon realized that he
Ang's Cabezon
Zak & Daddy playing on Jone's Is.
Bon fire ashore at Jone's Island
Annie, Ellie, Sydney, & Zak playing
was zeroing in on the fish!  The stringer had come loose and the two "keeper fish" were lost.  The
eagle got a 2 for 1 deal.

Later on after naps and hiking we all went ashore and cooked dinner over a big fire.  The kids got
soaked playing in the water.  What a night!
June 11, 2005                                                                                                Friday Harbor
Well, this morning was kind of sad.  We got up early and headed to Friday Harbor.  Bob, Shari,
Sydney, and Annie were leaving today and I think we were all sad about it.  They were catching a
11am ferry, so we had a little time to go walk around in Friday Harbor.  We then headed back to the
boat to get their stuff and say "goodbye"!  We had such a great time with them and were surprised
how well all the kids did.  Zak & Ellie really didn't want them to leave.  Neither did Scott or I.  We
waited for the ferry to leave and waved good-bye.  Then Ellie and I went out shopping.  We had fun
looking in some of the shops and had lunch at the Lavender Café.  It was really tasty.  Ellie ended up
falling asleep in the stroller when I went grocery shopping.  I had so much fun.  Scott and Zak went
fishing on the dock and had fun, too.  When Ellie woke up we headed back up to town for some ice
cream cones.  Ice cream cones taste so good in Friday Harbor.  We then headed back to Ghost for some
dinner and are ready for a good nights sleep.  Shari got me interested in knitting and I'm really
excited to learn.  I got a book and some yarn and needles to start with and am going to start
practicing.  It should be fun to learn.


The ferry is pulling away from the ferry dock in Friday Harbor and my son Zak is crying.

“Daddy?” he says as he tries to hold back his tears.
“Yes honey?” I say.
“I miss Bob and Shari and Sydney and Annie.”
“I know honey, I miss them too.” I say.
“Daddy?” he says again, regaining a little composure.
“Yes honey?” I say again.
“Does mommy and Ellie miss Bob and Shari and Sydney and Annie too?”
“Yes honey, they do.” I say as the ferry carries our friends away.
“Daddy?” he says again as he we walk down the pier to our boat.
“Yes honey?” I say again in a well practiced tone.
“Does ‘Ghost’ miss them too?” he says as we stop to wave good-bye one last time.
“Oh yes honey, it sure does.” I say as I squeeze his little hand a little tighter. “ It sure does!”

This morning our close friends left us.  It wasn't the first time.  The scene had been done exactly the
same 5 years before.  This time we had 4 kids along with us.

We decided to spend the night in Friday Harbor.  It was blowing, too.  Ang took Ellie to do some
shopping while Zak and I played around the dock.  We netted a few "dock shrimp" and I caught a few
little fish.  We all walked up to our favorite ice cream shop for a cone.  Then home for spaghetti.  
Angela started knitting, very cool.  To bed early!
June 12, 2005                                                        Barlow Bay
We got up this morning and headed to the South side
of Lopez Island through Mackaye Harbor and into
Barlow Bay.  It was an extremely relaxing day.  We all
loaded up into the dinghy and tried to do some
fishing.  No luck.  Scott and Zak went dinghy sailing
while Ellie and I stayed onboard, me knitting and Ellie
playing in water.  We all headed to bed early.

We had to get through Cattle Pass before 2  pm ish.  
We eased away from the dock - no wind - and ghosted
out of Friday Harbor as we have so many times.  Cattle
Pass was a mess, but we all handled it o.k.

We are in Mackaye Harbor tonight and will cross with
the tide tomorrow.  Should be o.k.  Leave around 10

Note for next time - figure something out for our
anchor rode.  It rubs on the "Dolphin Bumper" as
Ghost sails at anchor.  Very bad for the rigging.  We
had 20-30 knts last night.  As far as I can tell we didn't
drag.  I was up at 5 am in the dinghy trying to figure
out how to keep the rode from rubbing.  The winds
died at dawn.
Ellie playing in water on deck
Zak dinghy sailing with Dad
Ghost at anchor in Barlow Bay
June 13, 2005                                                              Port Ludlow
We got up after a horrible night's sleep.  The winds were kind
of bad and we were worried about dragging anchor.  Luckily
we didn't.  The winds were calm this morning and we waited
until 11 am to make sure we timed the tides right.  The
crossing was good for the most part.  The wind waves kind of
got a little bad as we got closer to Admiralty pass.  Once we
got past Admiralty it calmed down and we decided to head to
Port Ludlow for the night.  We got there and went right to
bed.  We will be home tomorrow.

We watched the weather very closely.  We left anchor at 11 am
and ghosted to about Smith Island before 20 knts out of the
West.  I am a whimp so I reduced sail early and road out the
worst of it until we approached West Point, then the winds
backed and we screamed through the inlet all the way to Port
Ludlow.  I was one tired skipper by the time we got the hook
Ellie at the Helm
Zak while underway
Home tomorrow - 14 days out.  The bigger seas and extra wind was good for me.  I learned Ghost
could handle it well with the mizzen reefed, full main, storm jib (staysail) and little jib.  She was
very comfortable sailing at 4 knts in 20 knts of wind.

We sailed very easily into Port Ludlow.  The day was perfect.  Any day that has more sailing than
motoring is great.  We will rest well tonight.
July 14, 2005                                                                        Home
I can't believe that it's already been 12 days.  This has been
such a great trip.  The kids did great!  We got up this morning
and headed for home.  The kids did great while underway.  
Ellie did puzzles and Zak looked at workbooks of his.  We
first went to the fuel dock and pump-out before heading into
our slip.  Billy, Trish, Bob, Jane, and Cynthia were there
waiting to help us in to the slip.  It's nice to be home with all
our neighbors, but we will definitely miss the San Juans until
next time.

Up early as usual!  We had 3 hours of tail wind tide to push us
 along towards home.  We rounded Point-No-Point and could
see our marina.  There was a little wind, but we had "get
home itis".

First to the fuel dock.  20 gals.  Then potty pump out.  Then
to our slip.  All good practice for Ang, however she hardly
needs any.

Home at Last
Ellie while underway
Zak while underway
Scott while underway
aboard and had a great visit.  He gave us a great CD of boat songs and a new L&A burgee.  What a nice
guy!  After he left, we got the kids to bed and slept great.

We left “G” dock as soon as I got off work.  There was no wind, but we put up the sails just in case.  
The last hour or so into Port Ludlow, we got enough wind to add a knot to our motoring speed.

I am still a little suspect of our motor.  Since I removed the “in-line” purge pump from the system, it
has not given us any problems.  I am suspect only because I am not sure if that was the problem.
little stormy, and the guys had fun reefing the sails.  The kids were so happy to see each other and
had fun hanging out and playing down below.  We got to Shallow Bay on Sucia Island around 7pm.  
We had made pizza while underway, which was kind of fun.  I am feeling much more comfortable
down below while underway.  It was even a little rough, and I didn't feel too woozy.    It is rainy and
I'm hoping the weather will improve, so the kids can get out and play in the morning.  It's a little too
crazy to have 4 kids stuck down below with all that energy.  

We had a tough night.  Eagle Harbor has a really shallow shelf.  We set the hook in about 15' of water
with the butt of the boat showing 0'.  But as we swing around after the set we were in 80'.  I was up
all night checking the anchor.

The stars were awesome and so was the phosphorus.  Zak and Ellie had a hard night of sleep also.  Up
late because we didn't sleep much, but we had just enough time to get baths and showers taken, 4
loads of laundry, and shop.  Bob & Shari and the family showed up and off we were.

As a side note:  I was still suspect of our motor problems.  I have not pushed it hard at all. I also have
found some rot in the pilothouse that is really bad.  Bummer!  I think the pilothouse is going to have
to be re-built

We rode some really big winds and the current all the way to Sucia.  It was sooo much fun.  Bob and I
had a blast.  It rained a lot!  There was so much wind, in fact, Bob and I got to play around with a lot
of sail configurations.

The kids were bouncing off the walls after 5 hours of motoring.  We got to Shallow Bay to rain and
cold.  The weather isn't looking good.

July 8, 2005                                                                Reid Harbor
We woke up this morning to more rain.  We decided that we better get the kids ashore before we
headed to Reid Harbor.  We all put our rain gear on and headed to shore.  We gave the kids some bags
to collect treasures.  They had a blast.  We were able to see a ton of little crabs and the kids loved
picking them up.  We saw some big slugs and a snail and they loved picking up shells and exploring.  
We headed back to Ghost and headed out to Reid Harbor.  It was still raining and we spent most of
the time down below again.  When we got to Reid, we decided to tie up to a floating dock.  It was nice
for the kids to be able to get out and play on the dock.  Another nice part is that we purchased a Parks
pass this year, so we don't have to worry about the cost associated with staying at those docks or
buoys.  It's nice not to have to worry about it.