We are the Brosius Family and we
liveaboard our Formosa 51' Ketch
sailboat in Seattle, WA.  We love cruising
the Pacific Northwest waters and would
love to cruise South in the future.
February 2011 Favorite Pictures
Watching the shuttle Discovery launch in FL - Feb 2011
If you are interested in seeing
the Brosius family in action,
check out
Season 3, episode
39 of Latitudes and Attitudes
Television.  We were asked to
do an interview, and this is
what came of it.  When the site
comes up, click on the Season
3, episode 39 button and go to
part 3.  It's a great show, so
you can always watch all of it,
Ghost under Sail - May 2009
Ellie's Lingcod - August 2010
Brosius Family - December 2010
Zak trying to impress the girls -
September 2010
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Brosius Family at Margaritaville - February 2011
Brosius family getting our Butter Beer at the Wizarding
World of Harry Potter - February 2011
Fathom while underway - December
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