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S/V Radiance
Radiance is a Tayana 37 owned by some great
friends, Angela, Stein, and Malou.  They
liveaboard  in Tacoma, WA and are getting
ready to go cruising in a couple of years.
S/V Kwinhagak
Kwinhagak is a Peterson 44 owned by Billy &
Trish.  They are some neighbors that Zak &
Ellie ultimately introduced us to.  They are
planning on taking off to Mexico Fall of 2006.
S/V Don Quixote
Don Quixote is a 2001 Lagoon 380 Catamaran.  The
Conger family lives in Seattle.  They are a family of five who
are currently enjoying sailing and cruising in the Puget
Sound.  They contacted us through our website.
Artist Shari Buelt
Our friend, Shari Buelt has done 2 beautiful paintings of
Ghost, and many other beautiful pieces.  Check out her
website to view her gallery and contact her.
S/V Palarran
Palarran is a Hans Christian 38 owned by our
very close friends, CB & Tawn.  They liveaboard
in the the same marina and we have sailed beside
Palarran many times.  She is a beautiful boat