We love the classic look of the
Formosa. The Formosa 51 is very
popular with Hollywood as well.
Captain Ron, and 50 First Dates). Our
interior was originally  designed by Bill
Garden. The spacious cabin was not
really designed for a family of four in
Ghost - being hauled


First of all I tore out the old berth and built a new one. We kept it  king size, but I turned
it so that you could get around it from both sides, we now lie along the axis of the boat so  
no more climbing over each other. I also turned the cabinets that ran down the sides into
book cases with four baskets  that could hold clothes. The baskets slide on rails for easy
access. I removed the small deck and turned the area into another basket holder and
built a hanging closet for more of Angela's clothes.
With-in the aft stateroom is a head. This head was ok, but I had tore out the large cabinet
behind the biffy to house a washer/dryer. The open space was now just collecting clutter.
I removed everything in this area and started from scratch. I moved our electric flush
biffy from the forward head, and installed it in a new aft head. I hooked it up to it's own
55 gal holding tank. I moved the sink to a new location that would allow Ang to use this
head more as her own. Lots of room for hair blowers and all that stuff. I built a new
smaller cabinet that is out of the way. I also tiled everything.
Aft Cabin Bed - After
Aft Cabin - Before purchase
Aft Cabin Cabinets - After
Aft Head - After
Aft Head - Before
Aft Head - After

This was one of the main reasons for all the changes. We did not like the galley set up at all.
We love to entertain, and with the galley set up the way it was we always seemed to have
our backs turned to our guests while we were working in the galley. The counter space was
limited and the fridge/freezer was inadequate for live aboard use. The Galley was along the
starboard side of the pilot house, and the dinette was along the port side. The nav station
was pretty much immovable and we really liked it's location on the port side forward of the


Again, I started by tearing out the old. This was the first really big changes we were going
to make. The plan was to move the galley and dinette down into the lowest part of the boat
into the "old" salon and turn it into a more functional and practical "U" shaped galley.
Once the old galley was removed, I turned that corner of the pilothouse into an "L" shaped
couch that could be used as a bunk for "wee" ones. I put an entertainment center where
the stove had been. I removed the old fridge/freezer for later re-use, and turned that area
into a dry locker and a place for the washer dryer.
The dinette table was gone now so the area was very open and kind of  like a family room.
Pilothouse Starboard - In Process
Pilothouse Starboard - In Process
NEW 12/05
Pilothouse Starboard -
Pilothouse Starboard - After
Pilothouse Starboard - As of 12/05
Pilothouse Starboard Aft- Before
Pilothouse Starboard Aft- In
Pilothouse Starboard Aft- In
New as of 09/05
Pilothouse Starboard Aft- After
Pilothouse Starboard Aft - as of 9/05
Pilothouse Port Aft - Before
Pilothouse Port Aft - After
Pilothouse Port/Nav Station -
Before Purchase
Pilothouse Port/Nav Station -
Pilothouse Port/Nav
Station - In Process
Pilothouse Port/Nav Station - After
Pilothouse Port/Nav Station - After
The old lower salon were two long berths facing each other. Behind the
berths/couches there were large cabinets that were really neat looking. The
berth on the starboard side extended to a double berth.  This is the lowest part
of the boat, so it is cold and below water line.


I ripped everything out right down to the hull. I found a few things out that
needed attention before I could continue. Some of the floor supports needed to
be re-fiberglassed to the hull. I also removed the center fuel tank for cleaning.
I was rebuilding the entire fuel system, so I needed to do this anyway. Once all
that was done, I built and installed to new bulk-heads that would be for the
kitchen. These would be around the stove, and would form the sides to the
new fridge/freezer, and pantry.
Next I started work on the new dinette. I wanted a "u" shaped dinette like a
booth. I built this on the port side. Then the last was the counter. This was the
biggest thing project because it affected so many other systems. I had fuel,
electrical, plumbing, and so many other issues that had to be considered. I
built the counter as sort of an "island"
with an upper bar for serving. I would have a new sink and storage for the
pots and pans. Luckily with this remodel project I was able to re-use almost all
of the original parts of the boat. I incorporated  three drawers for silverware
and such. We had the hardest time deciding on what kind of counter top to
use. We finally went with a cutting board style that we got from of all places
IKEA. I was able to use almost every scrap of this two inch oak counter top
that I had left over.
Lower Saloon Port Side -
Lower Saloon Port Side -
Lower Saloon Port Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Port Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Port Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Port Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Port Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Port Side -
Lower Saloon Port Side -
Lower Saloon Port Side -
Lower Saloon Starboard Side -
Lower Saloon Starboard Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Starboard Side -
In Process
Lower Saloon Starboard Side - After
Lower Saloon Starboard Side - In Process

Only a few changes to the out side so far. We have got a new dingy. We bought a Walker  
Bay RID with a sail kit. It is hung off the stern on our new davits. I installed two durades on
the pilot house. We finally have a winlass and it is installed on the anchor deck.  We also
built an aft bench for extra storage and a more comfortable ride and somewhere to drink
our coffee in the mornings.
New Davits w/ dinghy
New Walker Bay Dinghy
New Aft Bench
Pilothouse Durades
Pilothouse Durades
New Winlass
Over all we can not call this boat a Bill Garden designed boat. It has been
changed so much that not much remains of the original floor plan. That's OK
because we love how our boat is set up now.
I was able to re-use almost every drawer and cabinet face that I removed. I
re-used almost all the teak and mohogany that I could.
We picked out all the fabric and got a sewing machine from a garage sale
and made all of our own new cushions by ourselves. We are going to do the
same with all the topside canvas.

I re-built the electrical system, fuel system, holding tank, plumbing,  and
water system as well. One of the big things for me was that I removed
everything from the motor that I could and replaced everything that looked
ugly. I had taken so much of the engine off that I wasn't sure what the thing
would do, if anything, when I turned the key. BUT, it started, and aside from
a little fuel back pressure problem early on it hasn't missed a beat. WHEW!!

If you looked at our boat you could tell very easily that I did the work and
that I am no craftsman, but is ok. It looks nice. I used all hard wood, and did
it all right, it just isn't flawless. I wouldn't have it any other way!
We now have berths for twelve instead of eleven, and there is a feel of
warmth that it never had before.
Update 4/05

Well, after almost 6 years living on the boat we finally have her name on her!
Update 09/05

We installed a washer and dryer.  We decided to go with 2 separate units instead of
the all-in-one unit.  We did some homework and found the best deal at Home Depot.
 We had a very tight space to fit these in and found these 2 that fit the dimensions.  
The washing machine is a
Maytag Compact Washer.  The dryer is a GE
Spacemaker 120 volt Portable Electric dryer.  They both work great!  
We go to every boat show we can. We like to see the inside of the bigger boats. As
of yet, we still have not found too many boats that have what our "Ghost" has.
However, we decided early on that a few simple changes could be made to make the
boat much more comfortable. Did I actually say "simple"?
Updated 01/10/06
Update 03/07

We've done quite a few things in the last couple years.  Ang re-did the aft head by
painting and adding some decorations.  Our fridge died, so we ended up installing a
new fridge/freezer.  We installed a new Dickinson Furnace and added a new settee
after about a year of having nothing, but bean bags in the corner.  Just recently
Scott recovered all our cushions in the pilot house.