San Juan Islands 2002
June 2002

Well, yes. A lot has changed. Zak haz joined our crew aboard “Ghost”. Zakary Reid Brosius
was born March 18th, 2001.

We realized early on that we could live OK on board with baby. So, after a year at the dock
we started to think about another cruise to the islands.

Again, we set our sights on June. This time we sent out the invite to all of our family and
friends. To our amazement, they all showed up!

Angela, Zak and I sailed ”Ghost” from Tacoma to Anacortes a few days before our first group
showed up. Angela’s brother Kerry and his family climbed on board for a week.

The weather had been ugly, but as soon as they were all on board, the skies cleared and the
temps rose for a nice week of sailing.

Angela and I never got to relax. Actually we never got to relax the whole month. During this
first week, we didn’t do any sailing. There wasn’t anyone on board who could help.

We crabbed every day. We fished when we could and had fun catching all kinds of fish.

During the last couple of days we ran a tank dry, and while we were in some strong current,
the engine slowed and stopped. I tried to raise some sail in a vane attempt to push away from
the rocks. I knew what was wrong, but didn’t have time to switch tanks and purge the fuel
system. I called vessel assist, hoping that they could appear out of thin air and tow us to
deeper water. The captain from vessel assist said to drop an anchor, and he would be there
in 30 min. I did, and while we waited, I started with the purging of the fuel system. We got the
engine running on the other tank, and headed for Friday Harbor.

Back in Anacortes we said good bye to Angela’s family and hung around the dock for a
couple of days waiting  for our next group to arrive.

Steve and Mellisa arrived for the second week, and with them came the clouds and rain. It
was cold and rainy the whole week.

We did a lot of hiking and crabbing. We hunted clams, but since Angela was pregnant she
couldn’t eat the clams. Steve and Mellisa’s little boy Aaron slept badly all week. Because of
this, non of us slept.

When we ran the tank dry the week before, we sucked up some contaminants that fouled a
filter. For this second week, our engine ran badly. Steve and I changed out the filter and
things started running much better. What a relief!

Again in Anacortes.

..........more to come