This is the first installment of Captain Crunch’s logs.
The following stories are true. The plights and plunders of Captain Crunch
and his crew sail through life experiencing exciting adventures and learning
about sailing.

First let me give you a little history. My name is Scott and I am Captain
Crunch. This title was awarded me by my faithful crew of pirates who have
been with me through many of these tales. I have been around boats all
my life. I grew up on the Mississippi River. I had a boat as a kid. I spent
my summers on the river fishing, exploring, and camping on the many
islands. Although, I had been around boats all my life, I had never sailed
before purchasing the Pondo May. I was living in Portland, Oregon. I
wanted to buy a sailboat and live on it. It didn’t matter to me that I had
never even been on a sailboat. I would learn either through pain or glory.
As each of these log entries will tell, there was plenty of pain, and not so
much glory, but oh man did we have fun.
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The Story of
Captain Crunch