Captain Scty
First Mate Ang
Swabbie Zak
Swabbie Ellie
Zak was born in March of 2001.  He was raised
on the boat until we moved off for a year in July
2003.  Being back aboard, Zak spends most of
his free time on the dock, laying flat on his
tummy, looking at all the sea life.  We used to
think that when he grows up he would be a pilot
like his dad, but now we are wondering if marine
biology will be what he gets into.  One thing that
we have noticed most about Zak is his
willingness to strike up a conversation with
anyone and everyone he meets along the docks.  
I think Zak knows more people than we do in the
Ellie was born in November of 2002.  We
moved off the boat when Ellie was 8 months
old.  We saw early on that she loved the water.  
Whenever the Puget Sound would come into
view, she would get so excited.  When we got
the boat back in the water she never wanted to
leave.  I think "boat" was her first word.  Since
being back on the boat she has adjusted
extremely well.  When we walk down the dock
towards the boat she always says "my boat"
with pride.
I had no experience with sailing until I met
Scott.  I fell in love and also started falling in
love with sailing.  Our first trip to the San Juan
Islands was amazing, but it wasn't until our 3
week trip to Canada that made me decide I
could live on a boat. When we got home from
that trip we had decided we were going to start
looking at houses to buy.  I decided to change
the focus to boats.  I'm so happy we made the
decision.  I love this lifestyle and also love
seeing the kids growing up in this lifestyle.  It's
such a great experience and adventure.
Scott grew up on the Mississippi River in
Wisconsin and had a grandfather who was a
riverboat captain.  Love of water was in his
blood.  He bought his 27' Sun in 1996 and
lived aboard in Portland, OR.  Him and his
brother brought the boat up the coast that next
summer to spend some time in the San Juans.  
After that he moved to Seattle to be with
"some girl" who decided to live on a boat
instead of buy a house.  Lucky guy!
Boat Cat Ashes -
In Loving Memory
Scott & I got Ashes right after we got engaged.  
She was with us before we got the boat a
loved boat life so much.  Her favorite times
were when we were out cruising, especially
when we caught crab or fish.  It was hard to
lose her, but we know she had a great life
aboard Ghost.
Fathom is going to be a new addition aboard
Ghost.  We bring her home June 29, 2010 and
can't wait to get to know our new crew member.
 More to come on this little sweetheart.