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July 16, 2006

4th of July Weekend

Photos from the weekend/July: 

What a wonderful weekend!  We finally got in from Boise, after being stuck for a couple days (we fly standby and all the flights were full), and headed over to Liberty Bay/Poulsbo on Saturday afternoon.  We brought my nephew, Jeff, back with us, so he could experience boat life.  We had a great sail across the sound and pulled into Liberty Bay around dinner time.


Our friends CB & Tawn came over to chat and enjoy the evening.  We woke up the next morning and headed into Poulsbo for doughnuts at the local bakery. Yummm!  Scott and the kids headed back to the boat while I stayed in town to do a little exploring.  The kids started fishing and Zak and Jeff were thrilled when they started catching dogfish sharks:


Jeff learned how to drive the dinghy and I finally convinced him to take the kayak out:

Later in the day on the 3rd, Unfurled tied up next to us.  It was great seeing them and seeing their beautiful new boat.  As the sun went down, we started getting comfy to watch the firework show:

The fireworks were great!  We headed home on the fourth and enjoyed some o.k. sailing.  The wind died and we decided to just hang out for awhile.  The night ended with a dock party with our neighbors (the few that were there).  It was a great weekend.

July 15, 2006

June 2006 Update

Link for June Photos: 

Well this month started with a bang.  Everyone was getting ready to go their own ways for the summer, so we had some dock parties to celebrate before they left.  It's always so much fun getting together with friends and throwing together an impromptu potluck.

Zak and Ellie finished school for the summer and Zak had a preschool graduation (how many graduations will we be attending, I wonder)

Scott took a weekend away to go sailing with our friend Rich, aboard their boat Lorien.  It looks like the two of them had a blast playing with all the sails and systems and really getting to know Lorien.  Now us girls need to do the same thing aboard Ghost.  Wouldn't that be a learning experience!  Soon, I hope.

The next week, the kids and I went to Boise to visit Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins.  We had a great time in the hot Boise weather.  We went to the zoo and parks and the kids had a blast playing in a pool Grandma and Grandpa bought for them.

Although we got stuck in Boise for an extra couple days, it was a fun trip.  We brought our oldest nephew back with us to spend the 4th of July with us.  That update will come soon.

May 2006


Link for May Photos 

May was a busy month.  I was working quite a bit at the new job and loving it.  We started the month with a chance to go shrimping with my new boss and her boyfriend.  It was a great time, even if we only caught a few shrimp.  Definitely want to do that again next year.


Around the middle of the month my parents came from Boise for a visit.  We were hoping to get out on the water, but they chickened out (or our cousin did, I'm not sure who to blame it on).  We did get to go to the zoo and out to Zeek's for pizza.  We had a good time.

The whole gang at Zeek's

For Memorial Day we were able to head out sailing with our friends CB, Rich, & Echo.  We headed over to Port Madison for lunch and had a great sail.  There were quite a few porpoises playing with us on the way home.  We had so much fun.

Echo, CB, and I at Port Madison:

It was a busy, but great month.

New Layout for Monthly Update

Hi Everyone!  I know I have been running behind on our Monthly updates, and I'm trying out a new way of doing things.  Let me know how you like the new Layout! 

The link for our past monthly updates is: 

Hope everyone is doing well.  Best wishes!

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