February 07, 2012

New Year = New plans

Greeting From Ghost!!

The holidays were nice. We drove to Boise and had a relaxing week with the Boise gang. It was great to connect with some cousins we have not seen in a while. We got to watch a Boise State game too. Very fun!


Back home and Back to work I had a lot of flying to do as the year closed down. Ang is busy with DSS. Hard to believe it has been a year.


I settled down and got to work on finishing the BowSprit.


 here is a picture of the new(on the left) and the old(on the right)

The new one is 6 Pieces laminated together to form a 9"x9" x 14' solid piece.

The shaping took longer than expected, but now I have the finished product on the boat.

This is how I transported it to the boat.

Before install, I must dig out the rotted Sampson Posts. The two monster beams hold the Sprit in place, they were cemented into the hull. It was like digging out a couple of rotted teeth..


this is in the Anchor locker, under the bowsprit.

 Also, the deck where the new sprit will rest is getting the old failing teak torn out and replaced. Its all coming together, but there is still lots to do. Hopefully Ghost will be back in operation in a few weeks.


On another note, we are headed to Mexico to spend a few days with Bob and Shari and the girls on Pearl! Can NOT wait for that!!

December 18, 2011

Updated update!

As you know from Ang's blog entry, we are little short on our pictures for this summer. We  have left is pictures from our phone.

Following is a re-cap of some summer events with some pictures.

We had not planned on very much sailing this summer because of some large projects that I have gotten into on Ghost. But we did get away from the dock several times. One such voyage was to Poulsbo with the Big G group. We managed to get everyone  there for a couple of nights at the dock. It was sooo much fun.


Later on in the month we headed to Friday Harbor for the Tenth Annual PNW cruisers party. It would have been a bit of a haul to get Ghost up there for just the week end, so we made it a day trip. It was a loong day, but we all had fun. Ellie even won the treasure hunt contest!

The next day we jumped into the dingy and welcomed the S/V Pearl to Shilshole for a week before they headed south for a year. It was hard to say good bye. The will be missed!


A couple of weeks later we let Ghost off her leash and sailer her down to Eagle Harbor for a couple nights. It was very relaxing. Zak even caught a couple of Dog fish



Next we have our favorite time of the year. Halloween!



As the summer wound down, I managed to remove the old/rotted bowsprit off the boat. As you can see from the picture, Ghost, in the background is with out her pointy bow. Fathom is smelling the rot. Almost ready to put the new one on.

November 11, 2011

Overdue Update

So, we have been extremely bad about updating our blog this past year, but vow to start doing better. I've been stressing about getting all the updates and now can't access all our pictures from this past summer. So, I have decided that I'm going to do a brief summer update and get on with what's happening now. We had some pretty good trips this summer, but mostly work kept us a little closer to home. We were able to get to Poulsbo for the 3rd of July and met up with some friends there in August. We also did trips to Port Ludlow and Eagle Harbor. My nephew also came to visit us and help out while Scott and I were both working. It was so nice for Zak and Ellie to get to know their cousin and we had so much fun with him. I'm sure there was a ton more that happened, but this is going to have to do for now. As soon as I recover (wishful thinking) our pictures, I'll post them, but otherwise, let's get to more recent events.

May 30, 2011

April 2011 Addition

Every Year, we try and cruise someplace for Easter. This year was no exception!

Our good friends Bob and Ingrid McDonald and their two boys joined the crew of Ghost for a short over night trip to Port Madison.

The weather was really nice and we actually got to sail most of the way over. Its about 1 hour from Shilshole.

The girls sea kayaked and the kids played at a little park. The topper would have been nice on this trip!

Bob and I hid colored eggs for fathom and the kids to find. Much fun

May 25, 2011

April 2011

A new month and more work on our new topper for Ghost.

After laminating all the pieces together to create 2 halves, I needed to cut and build the hatches. These would allow us too see the sails and manage the mizzen. There would be 2 hatches that would slide open and one that was fixed. I also need to measure and cut the 10 holes for the shrouds.

I also had to add a peice to the inner seem that would act as the joint between the two peices.

Once all of the wood work was done, I was able to cover the entire thing with fiberglass. I used west system and 6 oz cloth.

you can see the shroud holes and wire for the solar panal.

At this point each piece weighs about 200 pounds.


Ok enough work, now it's time for some fun!

This month the kids and I decided to go camping during their spring break.

I had always wanted to drive up to Shaw island in the San Juans and sea kayak over to Blind island to camp.

This seemed like a great time to accomplish this.

This island is a prefect place for kids and dog to run around.

I figured we would be the only ones on the island in April.

Since the kids would be contained on the island i invited a couple of the kids friends along. Yup, me, 4 kids, and the dog for a two nighter!

We were up early to load the car. I was running late and was in a hurry. My long day started by  me dropping a heavy sea kayak onto the car that was parked next to our car. Not just any car, but a shiny black sports car. The gleeming black paint didn't stand a chance. Big dent...bummer. Hmmm maybe no one would notice? Well, I wouldn't do that, infact it turned out to be out good friends car. Bye bye $500.

With the car loaded, I ran a quick mental run of my list: Tent, Sleeping bags, dry food, dog, kids, clothes....tons of other stuff! We were filled to the gills and on the road 30 minutes late, but still ontrack to catch the ferry.

We manged to get almost all the gear to the island in one trip. I had to paddle the 1/4 mile to get the last load.

A quick break here to tell you about the discusion the kids had on the 2 hr drive to the ferry. They talked about what we would do if we forgot.....the tent. "build a leantoo"....cool. What would we do if we forgot the........ food? "Fish, and eat the birds"! Ok, that would not be good.

Now when I got back to the car for the last load, I realised, to my horror, that I forgot the cooler full of food...at home.....on the boat! Yup, scroll up and you will see that it was not on my mental list!

Also left my wallet back at camp. I would have to go to camp, admit my mistake to my liitle campers and then hurry back to the little "ferry dockside" store. The kids thought that it was great fun. But the $120 I had to spend to replace the $50 worth of food that was left in the cooler wasn't too fun.

Ah yes we had a great time!

note the fire made pizza

I am pretty sure Fathom had the best time!

It was a great end to April

March 2011

Hello everyone, Scty here

Now that the Florida trip is behind us, we are able to get started on a long awaited project. An enclosure for our aft deck.

sitting around the aft deck

We love spending time outside, but we are always at the mercy of the weather gods. And while on watch during a passage, the elements can be pretty tough.

I wanted something that would allow us to be sheltered but still be outside.

I planned on a "topper" that could be enclosed during the winter months to create an extra room for Ghost. Then in the summer, we would simpley have to remove the canvas and we could still enjoy the warm summer afternoons.

I decided to build this moinster in two pieces. The total area would be about 15' x15'.

I started out needing a rather large place to start the project. I found I was able to use a friends garage for a few months to get things together before final assembly.

Step one was to buy the "core" material. I decided to use 1" foam that would be epoxied between 1/4" plywood. The total thickness was going to be 1.5".

I used the foam as a template to get an idea about hatch position and hole linup for the 10 shrouds.

After this template was up, I was able to get a rough idea of what the whole thing would look like.

Now off to the shop!

I layed out 4 sheets of 1/4" ply and fiberglassed them together and on top of this I places one side of the foam template.

I trimmed the excess ply and now I had a rough single side of the topper. In this case it is the starboard side.

I then cut out the two hatches that would be on this side.

these two pieces were laminated together and while it was drying I was able to do the same with the port side.

I needed to reenforce the areas where the supports and solar panals would be. In these places I inserted solid wood istead of the foam. I also ran wiring for lights, speakers and the solar panals.

The 1"x2" peices that i used to hold up the template, are now placed around the edge.

More next month!