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June 27, 2007

May 2007

Pictures for May 2007:  http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/May%202007/ 

After many months of waiting, Mom and Dad Brosius were able to come out and see us. The road was long but straight, but mom has nearly won the battle of a lifetime, beating breast cancer! She has had the unresting support of dad, and I am not sure we could have made it through all this without the strength of dad. They were both really tired during the visit, but I could see the voltage increasing in the batteries as they got more hugs and kisses than they could count from the 4 grandkids! Now we are just counting the days till they are out here in the coach/RV for a longer visit.

So many projects to do on the boat and only one summer to get them done. URGH!!

I had concluded that above all else, I wanted to get a close look at our main mast. The only way to do so was to have it lifted from the boat, laid down in a boat yard, and give it a thorough going over. I had the darnedest time finding a boat yard that could lift this monster from the boat. Earlier in the year I had come to the conclusion that it could only possibly weigh a few hundred pounds, and that a few friends and I could simply lift it off the boat. Well, since these friends happen to be highly educated lads, they laughed and politely impressed upon me that a 75 foot box spruce mast was going to weigh almost a ton. Ok, I was going to need a lot more friends, tall ones at that, or a bigger crane! In the end I found a yard that had the capacity to do the job. I was only a little nervous while they plucked our main mast from Ghost.

 At first I was planning a week long job of sanding painting and adding some new electronics. But after I inspected the mast I found some rot. It was located just below a repair we had done when we bought the boat. I was confident that I would be able to do the repair myself. In the yard next to me was a hard working fellow named Richard who was doing the same work on his mast for his boat named Pelican. I learned a lot watching him do almost the same repairs.
The repairs took about two weeks longer than planned, but I finally had everything finished and we slowly reset our mast back into place. This was a big moment for us because of our voyage of 2012. If the health of the mast would have been worse, we would have not been able to get a new mast and still make the trip. All together now……..big sigh!

 For the last 10 years I have been in love with Angela. And of all those years I have hardly ever been able to surprise her. But I had a plan. May 30 was to be our 9th anniversary. I had a plan to sweep her away from Seattle for a weekend of relaxation on the beach. I coordinated with a bunch of people and even tricked her into thinking that I had to fly. We dropped the kids off at school and stopped at our favorite coffee shop. While we sipped our coffee I could hardly contain my nerves as I looked into her eyes and said, “Honey. I don’t have to fly today. I am taking you to the coast for the week end”! She was shocked!  I finally got her!!


I even got her to sit down at a Texas Hold’em Table, and played cards for a while. She is so lucky. We had a great time!

Our summer schedule is filling up so fast. We actually look forward a night at home with nothing planned……well that’s not really true I guess.So far we have a little sail over the July 3rd to look forward to, and then the annual Latitudes and Attitudes cruisers party to look forward to. This year should be the biggest and best yet!

April 2007

We had planned a trip to Oakland for the boat show again this year. We shipped the kids off to Bill and Heidi's and hopped on a flight down to Oakland. We even got first class. It wasn’t that big of deal for us. When we got to the hotel, we found out that not only did they upgrade us to a king bed that I had requested, but they moved us into a suite!! Yahoo! The hotel is kinda crappy, but it was fun anyways. We had a great time at the party, and when we went to check out we found out why we got upgraded…..They asked me for my autograph! They actually thought I was the baseball player! I told them I was not. They didn’t believe me!! Ah well….thanks for the upgrade!! I will see you next year!


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