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January 30, 2007

January 2007 Update

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Well January was a busy month, but it didn't seem like too much happened.  My childhood exchange student from Australia, Kelly, and her husband came for a visit to check out Seattle and our boat.  It was wonderful having them aboard and Zak and Ellie loved having others to entertain them.

Ellie and Bill reading aboard Ghost:

Kelly and Zak reading aboard Ghost:

We can't wait to see Kelly and Bill when we take Ghost on our adventure to the South Pacific.

Other than their visit, we have been dealing with some crazy weather.

Storm coming in:

Snow aboard Ghost:

But getting out when the weather is decent.

Scott and the kids kayaking on a nice day:

They saw this up close and personal:

I can't believe this month has flown by.  Hopefully next month we will actually get Ghost out.  That's the plan.  We'll keep you posted.  Best wishes to all our friends and family.

January 28, 2007

December Update by Scott

One right after another. Thats the best way to describe the December storms. we had wind, rain, snow, ice and once the clouds ran out of poop to throw at us, it started all over again.

Also this month, we drove to Boise to celebrate X-mas with Angela's family. This year was an anniversary of sorts. Twenty years ago the Albright family invited an exchange studet from Australia to stay with them for 3 months. Kelly has been a close family friend ever since. Kelly and her new husband where coming to the states with a planned stop in Boise for this reunion.

Angela's mom and dad rented a cabin in McCall for all of us to enjoy the holidays. There was lots of snow and good food.

We all went tubing down a big hill and had so much fun zipping down the hill in the falling snow.

We had a crazy drive from Boise to Seattle. There were 3 passes that we had to cross over and each had lots of snow and ice. We took it slow and decended into Seattle arriving home again just in time for the next set of storms to pound us.

We got the crazy idea to have a New Years Eve party at Bill and Heidi's house. Bob, Shari and the girls came up and we had a great night of playing games and celebrating the coming year.

 Well, that should bring you all up to date on our crazy lives. We all hope that the new years finds you healthy and with lots of adventures ahead!

January 07, 2007

Christmas 2006/December 2006 Update

Pictures for December 2006:  http://www.ghostsailorphotos.com/December2006/

Well, Christmas this year was spent with my (Ang's) family in Idaho.  It was a special Christmas because we were celebrating a 20 year reunion with one of our foreign exchange students we had when I was growing up.  Her name was Kelly, and she was with us 20 years ago.  She's from Australia, but her family and background is very much Greek.  My parents rented a cabin in McCall, Idaho, the small town where I grew up.

The kids and I had planned on leaving on the 16th of December.  It was the only day that had flights open.  Of course for those of you who heard about the big storm in the Northwest, that was on the 14/15th of December.  Of course the Seattle airport was closed down all day on the 15th and part of the day on the 16th, so we weren't going to be flying anywhere (we fly standby and there would be no seats until after the holidays).  So, we decided to drive.  It was a very pleasant drive once we got over Snoqualmie Pass.

The week before Christmas was spent dealing with very sick kids and trying to finish up the last minute Christmas shopping.  Kelly and her new husband, Bill arrived on the 21st and we headed to McCall on the 23rd.  It had been snowing quite a bit in McCall and it was a beautiful drive.  It was a wonderful Christmas full of cooking, sledding, playing poker (Cool), and just relaxing. 

Here's Kelly and Bill relaxing:

Zak playing in the snow:

The kids making cookies for Santa:

And the whole gang getting ready to go sledding:


What a great Christmas! 

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