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February 12, 2007

Finally away from the Dock

Pictures from FEB 2007 and our weekend sailing trip:  http://www.ghostsailorphotos.com/February2007/

We did it!  We finally got Ghost away from the dock!  It's been too long and it was a great weekend.  We headed over to Blake Island on Friday morning.  It was a little rainy, but cleared a little on the way.  There was a small breeze, but not enough to keep us moving.  Zak and Ellie had a great time on the way over.  Zak is getting more into being at the helm:

He did a good job staying on course, too.  Ellie just had fun:

We arrived at Blake Island around 11am and there weren't any other boats in the little marina.  We were able to send Zak & Ellie over to the little beach within view and I think they loved the independence.  Of course, they started gathering their stuff and heading back pretty quickly, Zak saying "COME ON, ELLIE".  We asked what was wrong and he said they saw some racoon footprints and were a little scared.  Ellie and I went beachcombing a little later, while Zak fished and crabbed on the dock and Scott made some homemade bread.  When he returned, I made some homemade soup while they played.  It was a very relaxing, fun day.  Our friends, CB and Tawn came over that evening on Palarran with Dan, Erin, and Rich.  Rich stayed with us aboard Ghost.  The next morning the kids were excited to see Rich and made him show them how to play the Ukele:

Later in the day the kids talked CB into taking them on a treasure hunt (i.e. geocaching)  They were so excited, they walked the whole way without complaining and when they found the treasure, they were in awe:

Zak traded a pirate coaster for a little green car and Ellie traded a Strawberry Shortcake doll for a keychain.  They were both pretty excited.  We headed for the next one, but the kids started fading.  Zak and Daddy headed back and Ellie conned Rich into carrying her.  We looked and looked for the next one and never found it.  We found out later that the ranger had taken them because they weren't registered or something.  Kind of rotten when you've got a couple of kids who are excited to find them.  At least we found the one.  We might have to get into the Geocaching thing some more.

Upon our return, some friends, Mike, Amie, and Ali, had arrived aboard their boat.  Ali is a year older than Zak and they have a blast playing together.  Didn't see Zak & Ellie for a couple hours.  The were having so much fun.  We started a fire in the covered firepit they have on the island.  Some more friends, Ken and Susan arrived on Bint al Khamseen.  We ate, drank, and were merry for the rest of the night.  What a great bunch of people!

The next morning, we woke up, had a huge breakfast, and headed back home.  It was a pleasant downwind sail all the way home.  Scott and Rich got these excellent rainbow shots right outside of our marina:

What a great weekend away!  Hope there are more of these to come in the near future.  Best wishes to all our friends and family!

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