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July 02, 2009

Blake Island Trip (June 2009)

Pictures from Blake Island Trip

The whole idea of this trip started about 2 months ago at the kids' elementary school auction.  We decided that we would attend the event for the 1st time because one of the Moms (thanks Beth) had purchased 2 tables so we could all sit together.  A group of us decided to get together for drinks before the auction and that same group is who joined us at Blake Island.

That night after the auction, we all headed to Ghost for drinks and devised a plan to go sailing together.  To the amazement of all of us, we picked a date that worked for everyone and after having a couple pre-planning gatherings, we were set.  Two of the families stayed with us, aboard Ghost, and two others brought their own boats.  It was one of the best weekends we've had in a long time.  We wanted to try to get into the marina at Blake Island, but it wasn't meant to be.  We headed to the west side of the island and found a great anchorage close to the beach:

All of the people in the group had girls Ellie's age, so Zak was pretty outnumbered:

But him and the youngest member of our crew became good buds:

She's such a cutey!  We spent most of the weekend on the beach, beachcombing, hiking, geocaching, and just plain relaxing.  It was a great time and I think all of us are hoping we can do it again in the near future:


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