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August 01, 2009

Pirate Sail (July 2009)

Pictures from our Pirate Sail

This was an extemely special outing, at least for me.  Every year to kick off Seafair here in Seattle, the Seafair Pirates invade Alki Beach.  Our cruising group escorted them last year and were planning to do the same thing this year.  They wanted as many boats as they could get to fly their flags, dress up, and shoot cannons.  Scott was going to be working, so my plan was to go with one of our neighbors.  But, and this is a big one, as the day was approaching, I decided that I wanted to make this my first outing without Scott.  My other neighbors, Curtis & Cynthia agreed to crew.  My co-worker, Jenny came along, too, and we have her to Thank for all the wonderful photos.  I was nervous, but ready.  We all got dressed up in our pirate garb:

We pulled out with no problems and followed the fleet:

Upon arrival, we all lined up to do a pass along the beach.  Everyone else had their cannons firing ( we didn't have one) and the shore was packed with people:

I followed the group, but kept an eye on the depth.  Didn't want this to be a bad first outing, so when I saw my depth start to come up, I pulled out of line a bit.  Right after that, the leader of our group came over the radio to tell us not to follow him because he had just hit bottom.  Luckily he didn't stick, but "no thank you".  We kind of just circled around a bit until Lady Washington and the Seafair pirates arrived.  Upon arrival the plan was to follow the Lady Washington in, kind of as an escort.    As I went out to get behind the Lady Washington, they thought we were someone else and we got broadsided by both her and the pirates:

It was so much fun!  As the pirates landed most of our group was closer to shore shooting off cannons, and we decided to head home.  The docking wasn't all that great, but nothing was hit and I learned some big lessons.  We ended the evening with a huge dock party (of course)  It was a successful day.  I will try again sometime soon, but really want Scott to be on the dock for my return.

4th of July Week


After getting back from our Blake Island trip, we had a week to do some sailing in the Puget Sound.  We reprovisioned and headed out to Blakely Harbor.  After a weekend of not getting any sailing in and always being in somewhat of a hurry, I asked Scott that we turn off the motors and just relax a bit.  It was a great time to get the spinnaker out and we had a great spinnaker run all the way to the harbor:

We stayed two nights at Blakely and spent the next day exploring Blakely Rocks and heading into Eagle Harbor to check out the town of Winslow.  We had a great time checking out the town.  We headed back to Ghost, but checked out some beaches on the way back.  The evening was beautiful and I got this great shot of downtown Seattle as the sun was setting:

The next morning we headed out pretty early to make the tides at Agate Pass on our way to Liberty Bay.  We decided to stay 4 nights in Liberty Bay for the 3rd/4th of July festivities.  When we pulled into the bay there were probably 3-4 boats anchored out:

By the 3rd it looked like this:

The picture doesn't really show just how many boats were out there, but at least you get an idea.  In Poulsbo/Liberty Bay, they have their fireworks show on the 3rd of July.  It was a great show this year.  We had a raft-up of about 9 boats and had a great weekend with our neighbors:

It was such a great time.  The weather was perfect for us this year.  We headed home on Sunday so Ellie could go to a Birthday party.  It was the coolest Birthday party I've ever seen.  She went to Stone Gardens Rock Climbing gym and learned how to climb:

More Pictures

Why didn't they have Birthday parties like that when I was young?

It was a great week.  Not enough time to be out on the boat, but Zak has summer school this year and Scott and I will be working.  BUMMER!


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