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May 30, 2010

May 2010 - The Rest of the Month

O.K. if you haven't already read the previous posts for the month, they are probably down below.  I was trying something new and don't like it.  So if it's a bit out of order, next month, I'll go back to the old way of doing it with one Update for the whole month.  O.k., so here's what else has happened this month:

Blake Island Argosy Cruise

Pictures from the Cruise

Another item that we bought from the School Auction was a trip on an Argosy Ship to our favorite island.  There were 300 tickets for anyone in our school to take the trip to Blake Island.  So we knew most of the families on the cruise.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We had 3 hours on the island to do whatever we wanted to.  We also celebrated one of Ellie's friend's birthday:

The kids had so much fun exploring:

I had fun exploring, too.  I also found some great beach glass.

Our New Puppy, Fathom

So, we finally caved in and decided that we were going to have a new addition to our family.  It took a while for Scott and I to decide what kind of dog we wanted, but found something that we think we will love.  We loved Retrievers, but wanted something a bit smaller.  We decided on a Miniature Golden Retriver.  Ours is 62% Golden Retriver and 38% Cocker Spaniel.  She was born on May 2nd and we chose which one would be ours last week.  Her name is going to be Fathom.  We tried so hard to find something that was Nautical, Ghosty, and Girly.  Not too many options out there.  We receive pictures each week and here on the ones we have received so far:

Here's Mom with her pups:

Fathom at a couples days old:

At two weeks:

and at 3 weeks:

We can't wait to get her in 3-4 weeks.

Memorial Weekend/Penrose Point State Park

Pictures from the weekend

This past weekend we spent some time with our great friends aboard the S/V Pearl down in South Sound.  We met them at Penrose Point State Park and stayed on their boat for the weekend.  The weather didn't really cooperate, but we still had a wonderful time:

The kids had so much fun, and YES, that IS sunshine!!!  The last night there we enjoyed a beautiful evening.

May 2010 - Beer Tasting

Pictures from the Beer Tasting

For our school auction this year, Scty and I decided to purchase something fun.  We decided on a beer tasting party, put on by some great friends of ours.  It was a fantastic night and we learned so much about different types of beer:

Bob and Ingrid were amazing hosts and I was so impressed by how much Bob knows about beer:

I think we might have to make this an annual event.  It was such a wonderful time.

May 2010 - Family and Home

Pictures of Family and home life for May 2010

The first part of May was spent visiting with Scott's family who arrived in their RV from a winter of traveling in the warmer parts of our country.  They live full time in their RV and spend their winters south and summers up here in the Pacific Northwest.  You can check out their blog here:


With them they brought along Scott's Grandma:

It was great seeing her.  It's been too long and was a wonderful visit.  While spending time at Scott's brother's house, the kids enjoyed their beautiful backyard.  Ellie and her cousin, Maddie, enjoyed making more Fairy Houses:

The boys enjoyed playing soccer in the yard:

On the home front, our neighbors Bob & Jane hoisted their flag for their new grandaughter's arrival.  It was wonderful to be involved in their excitement:

And last for this post would be the wonderful sunset on the 5th of May:

This month, we've had so many things happening, I broke the posts up to keep it simple.  Let me know which you prefer, small posts or our long detailed Monthly post.


May 26, 2010

Mizzen ROT repair

So, last fall I was gazing upward and noticed what looked like "rot" on the starboard side of our mizzen mast. Bummer. It was near an unused radar mount.

We unstepped the mast and set it on the deck. My plan was that if it was down, I could work on it slowly and have it all fixed up before the summer season arrived. I didn't quite have a grasp on what "slowly" was going to mean. Life gets in the way and things moved along at a slugs pace.



First I had to dig out the rotted spruce. I ended up with a section that was about 7 feet long. It was oddly shaped but that would make the scarfed in spruce stronger. 

 I sanded down all the loose paint and did some smaller repairs here and there. The foot of the mast had a ferw soft spots that were easy to fix.

I finally got everything sanded and after several coats of primer, I am getting ready to start painting.

I will be adding a VHF antenna, and an alternate anchor light to the mast head. When the mast was built, they included a tube running through the mast, but did NOT have an exit hole at the masthead. I had to do some experimental drilling to find a good place for the exit. The tube only went near the top, so I can access it easily.

Like all older Formosa's, the mizzen was slowly sinking into the aft cabin top. I decided to re-enforce the mast support under the aft cabin top. This will allow me to properly tune my mizzen rigging finally!

I am concidering a hard top for the aft deck. I am just in the planning stage now, but I will need to raise the mizzen boom to accomodate the hard top, and me standing at the helm. I will need to do some concept testing to see if this will even work. Standby for more on that project.

During all of this, I also ripped out the old 3rd generation galley counter top. I had origanally used a hardwood butcherblock from Ikea. It did not last long in the marine environment. Then I got the crazy idea to make a countertop imbedded with beachglass. Very cool, but the stuff I used to cover it allowed water in and it failed...sooo, now we have a proper tiled countertop that will last and it looks way better. We also installed a new, larger sink. Much better!


May 22, 2010

April 2010 Update

Photos from April 2010

I keep getting later and later with these updates.  It seems like life keeps getting busier and busier.  Oh well, April was a wonderful month.  It started out with Scty's birthday.  At the last minute I invited our neighbors to come over for cake and ice cream to celebrate and I think everyone showed up:

We had Bob & Jane from S/V Eolian:

Fred from S/V Black Opal

Doug from S/V Angelique and Elaine from S/V Hawkwind

Tawn from S/V Palarran, Linda from S/V Black Pearl, and Ruth from S/V Angelique

and Brent and Jill from S/V Ambition

We have such fabulous neighbors and friends.  I'm sure there were more people, but we didn't get pictures of them.  We had about 20 people on the boat and it was still quite comfy.

The kids and Dad headed out fishing one of the days and caught a lingcod.  It was lingcod season, so we couldn't keep it, but they had a blast:

Scty's been working away on our Mizzen Mast project (he will go into more detail on that later).  It's been quite a long process and we will all be happy to have it done:

This is the piece that was rotten, so he had to scarf a new piece in.

April had some beautiful weather and one of the weekends we spent the entire weekend playing outside.  The adults sat and visited and enjoyed the sunshine and the kids kept busy, too:

The kids also had some music concerts and art walks this month.  They love performing and the art was amazing:

I have to say that the best event of the month was our Beach Party at Secret Beach.  Secret Beach is only usable and visible at low tides.  So planning a day to have a party there is pretty tricky.  We had planned this last year and knew this was the only date that would work for a sunset gathering.  Once again it was kind of spur of the moment informing everyone what we planned.  We were a little worried about the weather, but it ended up being perfect.  So many people showed up and I think we'll be making this an annual event:

The tide finally told us it was time to go.  Words can't describe how much fun that night was.  These experiences just make me love this lifestyle more and more.

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