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April 24, 2010

Spring Break/Easter 2010 - Blake Island

Pictures from this trip

With only one mast and tons of work to do on our boat, we have been going absolutely crazy needing to go somewhere, but not being able to.  So when Scott got a week off during spring break, we decided to tie everything down, throw off the lines, and go to our favorite local destination - Blake Island.  We had to postpone a day due to some nasty weather, but finally made it out.  It was an uneventful hour-long motor to the island.  We are always worried about finding a spot in the small marina on the island, but luckily there was plenty of room.

After tying up, we all headed out to do some beachcombing.  The kids love finding little creatures under the rocks:

We also met and played with a very old dog named "Bob".  He was a very cool dog (His owners were pretty cool, too);

After that, we headed back to the boat, ate lunch, packed some snacks and headed out for a dinghy ride around the island.  We love the West side of the island due to it's huge amounts of beach glass. 

We found a ton of beach glass and just had fun playing on the beach.  That evening we met up the the crew of Chaika for a fire up at the fire pit.  We all had smores and had a very nice evening visiting with the 3 of them. 

The next morning we woke up and made our Easter eggs and then took a long hike across the island.  Check out how green some of the pictures of the island are:

Zak started searching for Salamanders:

And was extremely happy to find some:

Brosius Family Photo:

There was a forecast for some pretty extreme winds coming through the next day (Friday), so most of the people headed home Thursday night.  We decided to stay.  The marina is pretty protected and we didn't have anywhere else to be. 

Friday was spent making Easter dinner (Scott had to work Sunday, so we had an early dinner together), watching a Harry Potter Marathon, and that's pretty much it.  The weather was really nasty outside.  Zak & Scott took a little hike, but the winds were really strong.  Saturday morning we woke up, looked at the weather (which was still a bit blustery) and decided to leave that afternoon instead.  We took one last hike on another trail we hadn't been on:

And then we headed home.  It was a great week.  Wish we could have stayed longer.  One reason we love Blake Island is all the wildlife:

April 10, 2010

March 2010 Update

Pictures from March 2010

We started the month of March off with Scott still in Ethiopia and my parents coming to Seattle for a quick visit.  It was great seeing them and the kids and I stayed at their hotel - The Residence Inn - and took advantage of the pool and other amenities. 

Scott was happy to be home from Ethiopia and we were so happy to have him back.  Unfortunately he jumped right back into his schedule with Horizon and headed out to do some flying.  We celebrated Zak's 9th birthday (can he really be nine) by letting him invite some friends over for a sleep-over.  Ellie and I went to the High School play "The Secret Garden", which was absolutely fabulous.  One of the leads babysits Zak & Ellie, so it was great seeing her on stage.

During one of Scott's weekends away, I went out with some friends for an Aquavit tasting.  Aquavit is a Scandinavian liquor/drink.  There were many different types we tried.  All very interesting.  I didn't like it much, but had a great evening.  We ended the evening by going dress shopping for our School auction the following weekend.  We stumbled upon (O.K, one of the guys knew about it) a benefit dress sale for new or slightly used cocktail, prom, and formal dresses.  All for $10/pc.  We had a blast trying on the dresses and all picked one for the auction. 

Last year the school's auction was one of the highlights of our year.  We met and got to know a group of wonderful people who have become quite good friends.  Unfortunately we had a terrible time trying to find a sitter and at the last minute decided to send the kids to Boise to see Grandma & Grandpa. It was the first time they had flown on their own and I think we were all a little nervous.  No need to be, though.  They did great!  Scott and I got ready for the big night and everyone was outside when we emerged from the boat.  They got some great pictures for us, too:

We met our friends at the Matador before the auction to get some really good margaritas.  Kind of dangerous!  But oh, so yummy!

It was a great event and we all did our share to help the school out!  We are all already looking forward to next year's auction:

The next Saturday was another beautiful day in the marina.  We were all hanging out outside when Ellie shouted "There's a whale!".  Of course, none of us believed her until we saw it surface again a couple minutes later.  It was absolutely amazing.  A 30'-40' gray whale was swimming around between our boats in the marina.  We tried to get a little video.

Whale video

The last couple of days we took the boat to Blake Island, but I will do that in a new post.

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