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January 13, 2008

Living Aboard Magazine

Hey, check out this month's issue of Living Aboard Magazine:

We were interviewed a couple months ago by a man named Joseph Riden.  He told us that we would be in this issue of Living Aboard, but we didn't realize that Zak & Ellie would be on the cover.  It's kind of cool! 

January 12, 2008


Scott has been working on adding some videos to youtube.com.  I've added them to the website under videos, but the links are right here:






I'm trying this and we'll see how it works.  I can't get them to load directly to our blog, but will keep trying.

January 04, 2008

1st Sailing trip of 2008

Pictures from January 2008: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/January%202008/

In 2007 we really wanted to spend Christmas aboard Ghost in a small harbor in the San Juans or Puget Sound, but with Scott flying so much we weren't able to.  So, we decided to head out the first chance we got.  Luckily Scott had some days off the 1st part of January, so we headed to Blake Island. 

We had our boat all set, just needed to head to the potty pump out and then we were off.  It felt so good to pull away from the dock.  We pulled up to the pump out with no problems and then realized we were missing one of our crew mates.  Ashes, not liking the motor, jumped off the boat when we started and we got so busy, we forgot to check for her.  So, we headed back into our slip.  Scott and I searched the boats we know she gets treats from, and there she was.  With a little convincing, we got her back aboard and once again pulled away from the dock.

We had some good wind and even had to put up storm sails.  Ellie fell asleep in a sail bag:

Is that what boat kids do?  It was so cute.  And Zak, Scott, and I were on the lookout for Orcas.  We had one come up right alongside us and saw many more in the distance.  It was as if they were escorting us to our destination.  It was Zak's first Orca sighting, which was so cool:

We pulled into the marina at Blake Island with about 7 boats already there.  I figured it would be pretty quiet there.  Of course, they all left within a couple hours of our arrival and we had the whole island to ourselves, except the Park Rangers, but we didn't see much of them.

The next morning we woke up and decided to take the dinghy around the entire island and end up on our favorite beachcombing beach on the west side.  We bundled up and headed out.  It was a nice ride and fun seeing the island from the water.  We saw a racoon, otter, and some seals.  The beachcombing was good, but we didnt' time the tides right.  We were there at high tide, but still got some cool beach glass.  There were quite a few rock slides around the island and some trees I don't think I would want to lean on if I were up on land.

We got back to Ghost, had some hot chocolate, played some board games, had a great dinner, and headed to bed early.  It was great! 

The next morning Scott woke up to this:

They were in a tree right outside the boat.  We were wondering if they had their eyes on Ashes.  Zak and Scott took off to do some more beachcombing and exploring and Ellie and I relaxed onboard Ghost.  In this picture Scott set up the camera to take a picture of him and Zak, but didn't realize a ferry or tug had passed earlier:

Let's just say, Zak and Daddy came back to the boat pretty soaked. 

A little later Scott and the kids started a fire in one of the covered areas and tried to make smores.  Unfortunately we didn't have any sticks to put the marshmellows on, but the kids had fun anyway.

The next morning we decided to walk along the beach and take some garbage bags to clean up.  There were quite a few bottles and other trash along the beach and we wanted to help:

We headed back to the boat for some more hot chocolate and naps, but decided to check the weather first.  After looking at the weather, we decided it would probably be wise to head back home a day early.  A big storm was on it's way in from California and we didn't want to get caught.  So, so much for the naps.  We readied the boat and headed out.  Both kids took turns at the helm:

The wind started picking up right before West Point, so the kids were sent below until we were in a little calmer water.  We made it home pretty quickly and it was good to be back at the dock with the storm predicted in a couple hours.  We are already planning our next week long trip aboard Ghost.  I guess it's in our blood.  It sure felt good to get Ghost out, though.  This was a good start to 2008.

December 2007

Photos from December 2007:  http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/December%202007/  

December was full of Holiday Happenings.  Scott was flying quite often, which was kind of a bummer, but the kids and I had fun.  We decided to get a small potted Christmas tree, which worked out pretty nicely on the boat:

Of course, Ashes claimed all the presents for herself.  The kids and I were lucky to see the Christmas ship taking off from our marina.  The music was so festive and the ship was so pretty:

Later the next week we decided to get some other dockmates together to do our first annual Dinghy Christmas Light Parade.  We put some lights on Boo:

We got all bundled up:

And along with about 4 other dinghys toured the marina.  We tried having Christmas music, but it wasn't very loud.  Next year we'll make sure we have louder music and we'll invite as many dinghys as we can.  Should be tons of fun.  Afterward our neighbors invited everyone aboard their boat for hot buttered rum and cocoa for the kids.  It's such a fun neighborhood and such great neighbors.

Zak, Ellie, and I were invited, a couple days later, to go iceskating with the Windworks Sailing crew at Seattle Center.  Of course, I forgot the camera......which was probably a good thing with how well I skate.  We had so much fun, though!  The kids love skating and they both caught on pretty quickly.  If we would have been there a little longer, I know they both would have been skating circles around me. 

Christmas Eve was a little lonely.  Scott was flying into Portland, OR around 10pm (missing all the flights to Seattle), so he drove home, getting in around 1 a.m. (right around the time Santa did!!!)  He got a couple hours of sleep before the excitement of Christmas commenced.  Christmas is so much fun with kids.  They were extremely excited for all the new stuff! (where are we going to fit all this......)  We had a nice breakfast and Scott had to take off back to Portland around noon. (bummer)  I had decided since Scott was not going to be home for Christmas dinner, we would invite anyone who wanted to come.  We had a great dinner with our friends, CB, Tawn, Echo, Rich, Fred, Lynda, and Rhonda!  This is what Christmas is supposed to be about!  And of course, again, I forgot to take pictures.

The next weekend we had a big party at Scott's brothers house.  We invited friends of ours and they invited friends of theirs.  It was a great party! 

New Year's Eve was nothing special.  Scott was supposed to be flying, but got really sick, so we all stayed home and went to bed early.  I still can't believe 2007 is gone.  It's been a busy year and went by so fast.


Happy New Years Everyone!!!! Hope 2008 brings happiness to all our friends and family!!!!

November 2007

Pictures from November 2007:  http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/November%202007/

November started with the youngest of our family celebrating her 5th birthday.  Our friends Bob, Shari, Sydney, Annie, CB & Tawn all came over to celebrate with us.  It was a great evening and Ellie was so happy being princess for the day:

Ellie with her birthday cake:

The kids playing outside:

Bob, Shari, & Ang hanging out:

CB & Tawn:

Of course, those are pretty much all the pictures we took this month.  Other than Ellie's birthday, we drove to Idaho to spend Thanksgiving with Ang's family and pretty much worked the rest of the month.  Thanksgiving was great.  Thanks Kerry & Amanda for a great dinner!

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