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February 26, 2008

Mexico - Part 3

Pictures from our Mexico trip and January 2008: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/January%202008/

Day #5

After all the sun and excitement of the previous day we decided to just take it easy and hang out at the RV Park.  The kids did their daily job as score keepers for the water volleyball games and played in the pool.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the day.  That night, being Tuesday, was Taco Tuesday at the park:


There is a taco stand set up at a little gathering place in the RV Park and there were free margaritas and a wonderful juice the kids had.  I can't remember what it was called.  But it was really good.  It was a nice relaxing evening.

Day #6

The next day we were up early again, had breakfast at the RV Park with Rueben and then headed to Sayulita, a surfing beach a little closer to Puerto Vallarta.  It's definitely a town with a lot of character and we loved it.  We found some chairs at a little restaurant on the beach.  We orders some drinks and appetizers and watched Zak and Ellie play in the surf:

It was a fun beach to just hang out at.  Scott and I took a walk down the beach and actually found some beach glass.  The whole time in Mexico we hadn't seen any, so we found some to keep and Ellie found a cool greyish one that was very unique.  We will definitely remember that was the one we found in Mexico.  Finally the kids were getting worn out and we decided to go.  It was hard leaving the beach knowing we had to go home the next day, but we all know we will be back next year. 

As we were heading back to the hotel George said he had a suprise.  He took us up this very steep hill in the town of La Penita and the view was amazing:

Another great ending to a perfect day!

Day #7

Our last day in Mexico.Cry  But we had one more thing to experience before we left.  We woke up that morning and met George and Kathleen at a small restaurant in La Penita.  We had breakfast and set out to the weekly Market that was in town.  There were vendors everywhere and so many people it was hard to walk.  They told us that we had to barter, it was expected, but I wasn't so sure.  I always feel bad.  But I got into it pretty quickly and started having fun, a little too much fun.  It was great!

Afterwards we headed to the airport.  It was such a great trip and we will definitely be going back next year only for more than a week.  Zak and Ellie seemed to enjoy the experience so much.  I can't wait for them to experience more of the same adventures in the future.

February 03, 2008

Mexico - Part 2

Pictures from January 2008/Mexico Trip: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/January%202008/?start=all

Day #3

We woke up early and had George & Kathleen pick us up around 8:30 a.m.  They had some more business to do in Lo de Marcos, so we decided to go to the RV park and have breakfast at the pool.  Rueben & Cece run the little poolside cafe and make a fabulous breakfast. 


While waiting for our breakfast the kids looked for iguanas in the trees.  We spotted a couple making themselves comfortable in the sun.  Afterwards Scott took each kid for a ride on George's scooter looking for the infamous crocodile that lives in the swamp just below the RV park.  The didn't spot the croc, but got this picture:

When George & Kathleen returned, the girls decided to go shopping in the town of Rincon.  We were going to look for a dress for Ellie and other items.  Luckily we found the dress, but that was pretty much it.  It was worth it, though:

We went to dinner that night at a place called Tukan.  It was wonderful food and a nice evening out:

We went and watched the sunset from a hilltop restuarant in Rincon and settled in for another early night.  The kids definitely didn't have any problems getting to sleep after all the excitement of their day.

Day #4

Once again we woke up early.  George & Kathleen met us in town and we had breakfast at one of their favorite restaurants in town.  It was a wonderful breakfast and afterwards we headed to the RV park to get ready for a day at Cave beach.  While we were getting ready, the kids went to the pool to watch and help out with the daily volleyball game.  They loved it.  Afterwards we, along with 3 other cars headed out.  The road to this beach is a little rough, but way worth it.  The beach was amazing. 

We even saw some big whales jumping in the distance:

One of the highlights of the day was watching a school of fish.  You could see a blackness in the water:

And then all of a sudden they would start jumping:

Come to find out there were some tuna that were feasting on the smaller fish and at one point we saw some baracuda, as well.  It was quite fascinating.  Some of the fish that were jumping would land on the sand and the birds would swoop down and eat them.  The school was definitely smaller by the end of the day. 

Zak and Ellie played so good together and couldn't get enough of the water:

Scott and I enjoyed it all as well:

We decided to have dinner at another beach a little north of Cave beach.  We all hopped in the car and drove to Chacala.  By far this was our favorite beach.  Mostly because of the sailboats on the hook in the harbor, but also the experience we had.  We went to a restaurant right on the beach and started with drinks and appetizers. 


They brought out a huge filet of fish (I can't remember the name of it, but they said it was better than Durado), and asked if we would like it for everyone in our party.  The fish would take an hour to cook, so we just relaxed and waited for the sunset.  Zak was playing and met a little boy.  They couldn't communicate, but made the best of it.  They ended up getting their boogie boards and became fast friends:

When the fish came it was amazing.  Well worth the wait, and then came the best part of the day:

We took quite a few pictures of the sunset, so if you have a chance take a look at them.  What a wonderful day!  Chacala is definitely a place I would like to visit when sailing in Mexico.  Another memorable day in Mexico.  We are starting to think that 1 week isn't long enough by far.

Once again, more to come. 


February 02, 2008

Mexico - Part One

Pictures from January 2008/Mexico Trip: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/sailormomma/January%202008/

A couple years ago Scott's parents sold everything and moved into a beautiful motorhome with the plans of taking it to Mexico for the winters.  Last year didn't work out for them, but this year they got down there around the 1st of November and have been loving it.  You can read their adventures here:


Anyway, Scott got a little over a week off, so we decided to go for a visit.  We had everything set to go Thursday morning, but Wednesday night we had to say goodbye to our cat, Ashes.  We were all very emotional and decided to spend a day in LA to try to get our emotions in check.  We thought the kids could play in the pool and we could just relax a bit, but as we stepped off the plane expecting nice, warm weather, we were blasted by a very cold, rainy, wind.  So much for spending the day at the pool.  Oh well.  We didn't have much luck finding a kid-friendly place to eat, but we all turned in pretty early and were excited about seeing Grandma and Grandpa in Mexico the next day.  We woke up early and put on our "summer clothes" and headed to the airport.

We got on the flight with no problems and about 2-3 hours later, we touched down in Puerto Vallarta.  Going through immigrations and customs wasn't a problem.  It's kind of funny how you just push the button to see if customs needs to search your bags.  Red light they search, green light you're ok to go.  Luckily we had a green light.  As we headed out the doors from customs there were people everywhere trying to get us to use their taxi, limo, bus, or whatever to get where we were going.  It was kind of nice saying that we had family picking us up and finally saw George (Scott's Dad) through the crowd.  Retirement is definitely suiting him and his tan is great!  After a round of hugs, we loaded into the car and headed out. 

The place they are staying is called La Penita and is about 1 1/2 hours north of Puerto Vallarta.  It was so nice getting out of the big city and seeing a different side of Mexico.  As we were driving George pointed out various towns and landmarks that we ended up seeing later in the week.  Turning onto the main street in La Penita, we could definitely tell we were in a different world.  Little shops and restaurants lined the street and there was quite a bit of activity, but you could tell that they all seemed laid back.  Kathleen was meeting us at small restuarant at the end of the street before our hotel.  She looks fabulous:

We checked into our hotel, the Don Jose, and met Hector, who led us up to our room on the third floor.  The room had a kitchenette, a separate bedroom, and bathroom.  It didn't have a phone, clock, or much of anything else.  It was PERFECT!  We unpacked and then headed to George & Kathleens coach at the RV park to check things out there.  The kids had some Christmas presents from Grandma & Grandpa:

And then they headed to the pool to test everything out.

That night we took a walk down to the beach that is located just down from the RV Park.  It was a nice sunset and a great start to the week:

Day Two

We woke up pretty early the next day and figured we would check out the town before George & Kathleen came to pick us up.  Here's some pictures from La Penita:

When George & Kathleen came to pick us up they had something to do in the town of Lo de Marcos, so we rode along and had breakfast in town.  We decided to go to the beach while we were waiting and the kids had so much fun playing in the water.

We headed back to George & Kathleens RV Park and headed to the beach there.  Zak was itching to go "surfing" on his boogie board, so we took those down with us.  Zak did great!  He caught on so quickly and had so much fun:

Ellie took a little more time getting used to it, but she had some good rides:

It was a great day at the beach.  We ended up having pizza for dinner.  The guy at the pool makes a fabulous pizza and delivers it right to the RV.  It was a great day and we headed back to our hotel pretty early.  The kids were in bed by 8pm and Scott and I stayed up and read.  The noises drifting in from outside were wonderful.  We heard Mariochi bands, dance music, kids screaming, birds, and many other sounds.  It's hard to explain, but it was great! 

Our first full day of this trip was more than we expected.

In Memory - Ashes (1997 - 2008)

O.K, so this is kind of a sad post, but I know quite a few of you out there knew and loved our sweet little boat cat, Ashes.  During our last sailing trip to Blake Island, Ashes started getting extremely sick.  We did our best to get her better, but her health kept going downhill.  She lost the battle on January 23, 2008 and it has been a tough loss for all of us.  We will miss her so much!

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