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Mexico Part One - Lo de Marcos

Pictures from Mexico - Part One

Last year our trip to Mexico was such a highlight and soooo relaxing, we decided that we would spend more time this year.  Scott's schedule worked out so we had 3 weeks - 20 days and we couldn't wait to get there.  Last year Scott's parents were in an RV park in La Penita and we stayed in a small bungalow in the town of La Penita about 5 minutes away from them.  This year they were staying in the small town of Lo de Marcos and the RV Park they stayed at had a resort with bungalows right on the same property.  So we were within walking distance and the resort had two pools, a restaurant, and a relaxing area with hammocks.

Our Bungalow:

The kiddy pool:

After getting settled, we went out to the beach to check out the sunset:

Check out Ellie's new dress she got from Grandma & Grandpa.  She loves it!  We then went to dinner at a little restaurant George & Kathleen call Rosa's because the daughter who works there is named Rosa.  I don't think we ever did learn the real name of the place.  The next couple days were pretty much a blurr of either going to the beach and hanging out:

Or hanging out at the pool:

Or just hanging out in the hammocks:

We also went to a big Fiesta on the beach one of the nights we were there.  There was a huge feast of tamales, chili relanos, and much more, a mariachi band, and dancers:

The little guy singing was only 6 years old.  He did great!

And the sunset that night was amazing:

I love this one:

After being there a week, Scott's brother, Bill, and family, Heidi, Mason, and Maddie, showed up.  It was their first trip to Mexico. 


We only spent a day with them before Scott and I headed to Sayulita for four days without the kids.  Grandma & Grandpa kept the kids, so we could have a fun weekend away to meet up with our friends, CB, Tawn, & Dan.  More to come on that part of the trip......


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