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February 28, 2010

February 2010 Update

Pictures for February 2010

January ended with record breaking weather and it continued right on into February.  On the 6th of February we had a first dock party of the year:

This usually doesn't happen until April, but it was too nice to ignore it.  It's always so much fun to catch up with the neighbors. 

Zak and Scott decided to study tides for the science fair this year and created a great project.  Of course Scott was out of town for the fair, so the kids and I headed to the school to set up everything.  We found out a couple days before that we weren't supposed to have any liquids in the projects, but Zak's teacher told us not to worry about it.  Zak's project was definitely a hit:

All the kids loved watching the water come in and out.  Zak was doing great explaining things and I had to go find Ellie, so I left him on his own for just a little bit.  Of course, I was only gone for a couple minutes when Zak comes running into the cafeteria telling me that there was a major spill in the hall.  I guess he left the water draining out too long and the bucket was a little too heavy to put back up on the table.  So he missed the table and all the water spilled into the hallway.  Oops.  It was kind of embarassing, but we got it all taken care of and now realize why they didn't want water in the projects. 

The kids were out of school for the whole week after President's Day, but we couldn't really do anything because Scott left Thursday of that week to go back to Ethiopia.  We did get invited to sail along with the crew of Hawkwind to Blake Island.  What a blessing!  It was so great to get out on the water and do some exploring on Blake.  We left Friday morning around 10am and got over there nice and early.  After getting tied up on the dock, we packed a lunch and headed over to the West side of the island.  KC and Elaine have 2 dogs (Bailey and Abby) and they need just about as much exercise as Zak & Ellie do.  It was a great hike over to the other side.  Lunch was fabulous.  We then did some beachcombing, kids played on the beach and Elaine, Ellie, and I tried our hand at building Fairy Houses (more on that below).  Here's some pictures from the Beach:

KC and Elaine



Sun Star


Ok, so about the Fairy Houses.  I found a great book for Ellie called Fairy Houses Everywhere.  Here's what the cover looks like:

We all have fallen in love with the idea of building little fairy houses all over the place, so our first try was at Blake Island.  It was fun, but we want to gather some more items and continue adding to it:

The Location:

The Fairy Boats:

And starting to build the house:

It was so much fun and we can't wait to create some more or build more onto this one. 

The weekend was so much fun and I did great on beachcombing.  Check out my stash:

Finally, this past weekend was another great one.  We just returned home from Friday Harbor.  We headed up there so I could go to a friend's baby shower.  Her husband Darren took the kids while I did that.  It was a great weekend for all of us.  We stayed aboard Darren and Lisa's boat, the kids did some shrimping and fed Popeye the one-eyed seal, we saw some great friends and just had fun:

Ellie and Popeye

Cleaning the shrimp they caught, so they could cook them up and eat them.

What they ended up with:

The kids didn't really like the shrimp once they cooked them, so hopefully they will remember this for the future.

The drive home was beautiful. We could see the fields of daffodils from miles away and got some great pictures:

I can't wait to head up for the Tulip festival in the next month or two.  It was so beautiful.  We saw this strange white patch that we thought could be some type of flower:

But when we got closer, we realized it was flocks upon flocks of snow geese:

It was a beautiful sight.  I really can't believe it's already March.  Crazy!

February 21, 2010

January 2010

Pictures from January 2010

This January has been said to have been the hottest January on record and I'm not complaining one bit.  We really enjoyed the nice weather.  Unfortunately Scott's work schedule didn't allow us to get the boat out, but we had a good month anyways.

My Christmas present this year was a solo weekend away.  Scott planned it all.  A hotel room for 2 nights in Friday Harbor.  He had the weekend off and would take care of the kids while I had some R&R time.  It was absolutely wonderful!  I headed up there on a Saturday morning, parked my car at the ferry terminal (I had a 3 hour wait) and went and visited some friends, Larry & Helen from S/V Waltzing Matilda.  It was great to visit and catch up with them.  The weather was beautiful when I got back to the ferry terminal and I had to get a shot of the mountains:

Of course the picture doesn't do it justice.  It was a great trip over to San Juan Island.  And I almost teared up when we pulled into Friday Harbor:

Of course then my battery in my camera died, so I couldn't get any more pictures of coming into the harbor.  Oh well.  I checked into my room at Tucker House Bed & Breakfast.  What a wonderful place.  I had the "Secret Passage" room.  It was perfect for a relaxing weekend.  They even had some fresh baked Chocolate Chip cookies waiting for me. Yummm:

I decided to have a nice quiet evening, so I stayed in and read a book and took a long relaxing bath in the jacuzzi tub.  The next day, I headed to dining room for breakfast, which was amazing, and then off to South Beach for some beachcombing.  The beautiful weather from the previous day decided to dissapear (bummer) and it was pretty blustery out.  Oh well, I had a wonderful walk along the beach. 

I headed back into town to warm up and do some browsing around town.  Everyone was so talkative and friendly.  I think they were bored, because there was no one else in town.  It was so quiet, it seemed strange.  Oh well, I helped boost their economy a bit and headed over to some friends' house for dinner.  It was great catching up with them and we had a very yummy dinner.  The next morning I headed out, but stopped in La Conner on the way home.  It's a very cute little town that I've wanted to explore for a very long time.  It was a good end to the weekend.

The next on our list of to do's for the month of January was pulling our mizzen mast for some much needed work:

So Ghost is a Sloop for now.  Luckily the rot that we had found in it isn't so bad, so the project hopefully will go smoothly.  We just need Scott home so he can work on it. 

Last on the January Calendar was our Italian Night Aboard Ghost.  We tried setting up a monthly gathering with our group of friends from Adams Elementary, but we were all too busy during the holidays.  So, we decided to do Italian night.  Everyone would bring a different sauce and we would cook up some different types of pasta.  It was absolutely amazing.  I ate way too much, but it was worth it:

I still can't believe we got so many people aboard Ghost.  The kids all had a great time, too:


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