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April 2011

A new month and more work on our new topper for Ghost.

After laminating all the pieces together to create 2 halves, I needed to cut and build the hatches. These would allow us too see the sails and manage the mizzen. There would be 2 hatches that would slide open and one that was fixed. I also need to measure and cut the 10 holes for the shrouds.

I also had to add a peice to the inner seem that would act as the joint between the two peices.

Once all of the wood work was done, I was able to cover the entire thing with fiberglass. I used west system and 6 oz cloth.

you can see the shroud holes and wire for the solar panal.

At this point each piece weighs about 200 pounds.


Ok enough work, now it's time for some fun!

This month the kids and I decided to go camping during their spring break.

I had always wanted to drive up to Shaw island in the San Juans and sea kayak over to Blind island to camp.

This seemed like a great time to accomplish this.

This island is a prefect place for kids and dog to run around.

I figured we would be the only ones on the island in April.

Since the kids would be contained on the island i invited a couple of the kids friends along. Yup, me, 4 kids, and the dog for a two nighter!

We were up early to load the car. I was running late and was in a hurry. My long day started by  me dropping a heavy sea kayak onto the car that was parked next to our car. Not just any car, but a shiny black sports car. The gleeming black paint didn't stand a chance. Big dent...bummer. Hmmm maybe no one would notice? Well, I wouldn't do that, infact it turned out to be out good friends car. Bye bye $500.

With the car loaded, I ran a quick mental run of my list: Tent, Sleeping bags, dry food, dog, kids, clothes....tons of other stuff! We were filled to the gills and on the road 30 minutes late, but still ontrack to catch the ferry.

We manged to get almost all the gear to the island in one trip. I had to paddle the 1/4 mile to get the last load.

A quick break here to tell you about the discusion the kids had on the 2 hr drive to the ferry. They talked about what we would do if we forgot.....the tent. "build a leantoo"....cool. What would we do if we forgot the........ food? "Fish, and eat the birds"! Ok, that would not be good.

Now when I got back to the car for the last load, I realised, to my horror, that I forgot the cooler full of food...at home.....on the boat! Yup, scroll up and you will see that it was not on my mental list!

Also left my wallet back at camp. I would have to go to camp, admit my mistake to my liitle campers and then hurry back to the little "ferry dockside" store. The kids thought that it was great fun. But the $120 I had to spend to replace the $50 worth of food that was left in the cooler wasn't too fun.

Ah yes we had a great time!

note the fire made pizza

I am pretty sure Fathom had the best time!

It was a great end to April

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