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February 28, 2009

Mexico - Part Two (Sayulita)

Pictures from Sayulita

FOUR days without the kids!  Hard to imagine, but that was the plan.  Not only that, we were meeting CB, Tawn, and Dan in the small beach town of Sayulita, Mexico.  We had been planning this trip for about 6 months.  The main goal of this trip.......learn to surf (among other things).  Saturday afternoon, Scott's dad drove us, along with Scott's brother Bill and Heidi, to Sayulita to get us checked in and show Bill & Heidi the town of Sayulita.  Stepping into our penthouse at Papa's Palapas, we were in awe.  The place was amazing:

And of course the best part was the view:


So, the bummer part about when we got there is we found out that CB, Tawn, and Dan didn't make the flights.  The bad side of standby travel.  We felt so bad and didn't really know what to do with this huge penthouse by ourselves (o.k. we figured it out, but felt really guilty).  First Scott and I took a stroll on the beach:

and then we went to dinner and by 8pm we were trying to figure out where the happening places were.  We felt so old, but found out that most of the people in town gathered in the town center to just people watch and chat.  We met a gentlemen who had some wonderful stories of surfing and life and were completely suprised when he told us he was 83 years old.  If surfing and adventure keep us that young, we might drop everything and take up that lifestyle.  He was amazing.  Afterwards we went back to Papa's to enjoy our balcony and the waves:

The next morning we woke up and went into town for coffee, and I'm not talking about the Nescafe coffee that we were served in Lo de Marcos.  There are two espresso shops that we became frequent visitors at.  They had great coffee.  Scott's dad sent us an email saying that they were bringing the kids down for a visit, so everyone could see the penthouse.  They were pretty impressed when they dropped us off.  The kids fell in love with the place and really wanted to stay.  They played on the beach for a bit:



and we ordered take out from a Mediterranean restaurant:

We fell in love with the place last year and their hummus platters.  Yummm!  The Brosius clan left, Dan showed up and we all did a little relaxing before CB and Tawn showed up:

CB and Tawn showed up a bit later and the party started:

We started with tequila shots in the room.  Then we went to dinner and had more tequila shots. And finally we ended up at a bar with guess what? ......more tequila.  I'm not talking about normal bottled tequila, it was some homemade stuff with skull and crossbones all over the plastic jug.  What were we thinking?  Let's just say that this was the first time Scott and I ever had pieces of an evening erased from memory. 

The next day, (do I remember this?) while I was trying to recover, everyone else headed out to get some surfboards.  They all headed out to catch some waves.  And then ended up on the beach exhausted:

The second night out was pretty tame.  Tawn caught a cold from some relatives they stayed with on the way down to Mexico, so she stayed in.  The rest of us went to Don Pedros for Cuban night.  They had Cuban dancing and mojitos.  It was fun, but we ended going back and hanging out on our balcony for the rest of the evening, which was very nice.

We got a good nights sleep and the next morning I was ready for my surf lessons.  The bartender at the bar for the crazy night out ended up being a surf instructor, so I set up my lessons:

The lessons were great.  It is quite hard, but I ended up getting up a couple times:

While I was taking my lessons everyone else did some surfing, too:





After that, we headed back to the room and Dan made margaritas for everyone

and Tawn went downstairs to get a coconut drink:

Dan & Tawn were throwing limes at the rooster that thought sunrise was at 2:30 am:

The next morning CB, Tawn, and Dan took off to catch the bus and we had to say goodbye to our place.  It was hard:

Such a beautiful place.  Both Scott and I couldn't wait to see the kids.  I missed them so much and was a little bummed when they weren't with Grandpa when he came to pick us up. 

Now, I can't wait to find our next "surfing" adventure.  I think I'm addicted.


February 25, 2009

Mexico Part One - Lo de Marcos

Pictures from Mexico - Part One

Last year our trip to Mexico was such a highlight and soooo relaxing, we decided that we would spend more time this year.  Scott's schedule worked out so we had 3 weeks - 20 days and we couldn't wait to get there.  Last year Scott's parents were in an RV park in La Penita and we stayed in a small bungalow in the town of La Penita about 5 minutes away from them.  This year they were staying in the small town of Lo de Marcos and the RV Park they stayed at had a resort with bungalows right on the same property.  So we were within walking distance and the resort had two pools, a restaurant, and a relaxing area with hammocks.

Our Bungalow:

The kiddy pool:

After getting settled, we went out to the beach to check out the sunset:

Check out Ellie's new dress she got from Grandma & Grandpa.  She loves it!  We then went to dinner at a little restaurant George & Kathleen call Rosa's because the daughter who works there is named Rosa.  I don't think we ever did learn the real name of the place.  The next couple days were pretty much a blurr of either going to the beach and hanging out:

Or hanging out at the pool:

Or just hanging out in the hammocks:

We also went to a big Fiesta on the beach one of the nights we were there.  There was a huge feast of tamales, chili relanos, and much more, a mariachi band, and dancers:

The little guy singing was only 6 years old.  He did great!

And the sunset that night was amazing:

I love this one:

After being there a week, Scott's brother, Bill, and family, Heidi, Mason, and Maddie, showed up.  It was their first trip to Mexico. 


We only spent a day with them before Scott and I headed to Sayulita for four days without the kids.  Grandma & Grandpa kept the kids, so we could have a fun weekend away to meet up with our friends, CB, Tawn, & Dan.  More to come on that part of the trip......


February 23, 2009

January 2009

Pictures from January 2009

We spent New Year's Eve and Day with our good friends Bob, Shari, Sydney, & Annie on their boat Pearl in Olympia.  It was a great time and we met more great Liveaboard families.  The next weekend we decided to meet up with Bob, Shari, and the girls in Sequim at Dungeness Spit, and spent an incredibly beautiful day  on the beach.  The kids and dads built an amazing beach fort:

While us moms spent some time beachcombing:

The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to get out and enjoy it. 

The kids have been enjoying their skateboards that they got for Christmas and Ellie especially wants to practice every chance she gets:

But, both kids have taken a liking to my new co-worker, Jim:

My boss's husband got Jim for Christmas and he hangs out with me at work.  It's so much fun, but hard to resist getting one of our own. 

We spent the rest of the month getting ready for our vacation to Mexico.  More to come on that very soon.

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